Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Setting up Your Own Work Versus Having No Say at all!! #amwriting #amazon #finally

 Cover Reveal soon!! Together Again - to be released this week!!

Did you know that many of the e-publishers are changing their contracts from 2 years to 5 years?  Wild Rose Press made that announcement some time ago. I’ve even heard rumors that some of the big houses could be expecting the rights to the e-books for the lifetime of the book. Getthe “f”outtahere!!!

Personally, I can’t imagine giving away the rights to my work ever again (except for the paperbacks – but that’s a whole other blog!).

When it became clear to me that I could do much better as a self-published author, one of the important aspects was having product to sell. Books that I could set up properly, making sure the categories I chose would be the best for that story. (Can’t emphasize to you how important that is… really!)

Also, purchasing my own covers, ones I felt proud of and knew would brand the whole series rather than covering each book individually. 

And filling in the product descriptions in the best way to sell the work, giving the readers the information as to why he/she should buy the book.

I mean, think about it. When you see an advertisement about a certain product for sale if a quiet voice said “buy me”, would you listen?  What if a mind-blowing declaration screamed, “This book sizzles with Hot Romance & Powerful Suspense!” Would this not get your attention? Furthermore, when you glanced at the Book Description and saw words like “Hot, Sassy, and Intriguing” admit that it would surely catch your interest.

That’s called promoting the book. It’s not only necessary, it’s vital! When you have the power over the merchandise, there’s no end of the things you can do to help push the product.

How about free days? Many of you refuse to give your work away, thinking you’ll be losing money. Baloney! There are millions of readers in the world who want to find you, want to support you and read your work. It’s up to you to wave at them and say “Here I am!” How better than by giving them a small taste of your voice, a glimpse of what a genius you are, a reason for them to rush and buy everything else you’ve written.

Sure can’t do any of this if your work is controlled by anyone else.
Nor can you be involved with a wonderful group of
Best-Selling Authors like those in the
Or GIVE away FREE books!!! 
Such as...

Men are scum, and no one can tell Sadie any different. It’s why she stays away from them. Until a crazy, hotshot soldier runs her down with his convertible. Now because she’s bruised and sore, she's stuck having to accept his help in her elite dog-walking business. Just her luck that some of the expensive pets go missing and Liam decides the puppy-mill rumour needs to be investigated. And once they’re forced to spend more time together, darned if a spark doesn’t start to ignite.
Without the angel forcing him to brake, Liam could have killed the gorgeous girl who ran in front of his car to save a little boy. He owed the rescuer big time and would pay his debt no matter that she acted cranky and became more difficult with every meeting. After all, how hard could it be to walk a bunch of mangy mutts? 


  1. I couldn't agree more, Mimi! For the longest time, I refused to consider self publishing. Then the romantic facade the publishing industry hid behind started falling away bit by bit. Really bad contracts. Authors not getting paid. Contracted books not being released. Lack of control over the cover. Little to no help with marketing.

    Then my friend signed with an epub for her fascinating and unique paranormal romance. The book that ended up being released was NOT the book she wrote. The character names remained, and some of the basic plot.

    I never looked back, lol.

  2. Hi Kenra,
    So glad you found this path. For newcomers, especially younger ones, they're open to the possibilities in today's self-pubbing options. But for the ones who've always imagined their books on a shelf in a bookstore, they can't seem to see past that dream. Little do they know it's not so great to see your book (that could have taken years to get published) hidden, stuffed away on some obscure shelf for a couple of weeks and then gone.
    Then we have the various e-publishers popping up all over and trying to get the uninformed to sign with them. Fine if their company has been around for a while and they have a good reputation, but if one's excitemen over an impending contract obscures one's common sense, it can be devastating.
    My sincere sympathies for your horrible for her. Do you think she'd like to be a guest on my blog to tell of her experience? I'd love to welcome her anytime.

  3. It's a whole new world. Now more than ever. And I'm really excited about all the new options out their for authors.

    Congratulations on all your successes, Mimi, and the many, many more I'm sure you'll soon achieve! You are a fantastic resource for publishing information. Where did you get the time to learn all of this and still write? :)

  4. I agree 100%. I have never regretted going the self published route, and my pocket book is happy too! Lots of satisfaction to be had with control.

  5. Hi Jacqui,
    Thank you for the kind words. What I know, my friend - I share - anytime!! :-)

  6. Hi Anna,
    You are one of the authors who have proven my theories to be true. You have taken Amazon by storm and your lovely stories are now being read by so many.
    Your future looks great :-)