Thursday, May 23, 2013

Get me outta the slush pile!!

Would you like to know the best way of getting your work out of that rotten slush pile that has crippled so many careers?

Stop sending your work to the big publishers like Random House, Macmillan, Penquin Group and Simon & Shuster and then waiting forever to hear back. Unless you have an agent working for you who assures you the book will sell, quit torturing yourself.

**I’d love to know the real statistics of how many manuscripts those publishers have received over the last ten years and the percentage of contracts they’ve given out…???

Instead, find yourself a decent editor. There are many out there who are willing to work hard for reasonable rates. You just have to ask around and get references. And tell that editor that you want the truth. Is your book ready to be published? And take the response like a professional. If she/he tells you it needs work, then listen.

Be objective and… and honest!

Is your book as good as what’s out there today by other BEST-SELLING Indie authors? After all, that is your ultimate goal - or should be. Take a clear-eyed look at what your editor has said and follow instructions unless they’re completely unacceptable. Get other views if you’re not sure. There are many beta readers (find on Goodreads) who will be happy to help you with an honest opinion. Join a group that offers such support. And don’t just take the word of one reader – try a few.

Next, find someone to format your book. Either a professional who knows what they’re doing or learn to do it yourself. Don’t slap it together and publish it – but check what the pro's are turning out and make sure your formatting is done as well.

And then give your book a chance. Don’t just publish and pray. Work hard at getting it found. Join Indie loops for advice. Sign up with RWA chapters if you write romance. Find local groups of authors who might be of help like the one I found in my community that includes 6 published authors who are a font of wonderful information… (and I live in a very small community). Maybe there’s a group like this one where you live. Search for them.

Be prepared to work hard. I mean really hard. (Next Blog)

Be prepared to pay money here and there to promote. (Next after next blog J

Anything less and your book will join millions of others in the outer realm of lost, forgotten and very lonely novels!!





  1. I like this. Need to try some of these.

  2. Hope you do, Nigel and the best of luck!!