Friday, May 3, 2013

Cover reveal - Together Again

to be released on May 5th

I’ve been promising you a cover release for the “Together Again” and here it is.

I wanted to have a beautiful girl’s face on this cover similar to what Wild Rose had chosen. I thought to have it mystical even whimsical but I was shot down. Stay in brand I was told by my promoter. Let the readers know that this book belongs to a series.

And I’ve loved the covers for The Vicarage Bench Series so far - floating roses amongst the sparkles. But this is a full-length story and I had figured that should make the difference.

Not so. To help the readers know by a glance that this is another Vicarage Bench Book I had to stay with the branded concept for the covers. Because the next three novels are all full Length and are the “Together” stories of the series, we changed the format slightly.



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