Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sales Info on Amazon Central

If you go to your Amazon Central page, you'll see above the button “Sales Info”.  If you’re like me, curious as hell, click on it and there's a window that says “All Books”.

Goodie! Here we go…! Now pick out your latest release and whaaa!!! As long as it’s a self-published book, you’ll get a message that basically reads – You’re out of luck!!! Or if you want the literal blurb – Nielsen Book Scan does not aggregates sales data for Kindle or ebooks blah blah blah...

So how does a person find their sales info? I know!! – I know!! What you do is look on the left where it says Sales Rank and there is a wealth of info on each one of your books

Nooooooo!!!!  Amazon's note:

***Looking for Historic Sales Rank?
We’re doing an overhaul of our historic Sales Rank graphs, and we’ve temporarily removed this feature while we work on it. We will re-introduce the graphs in May 2013. We apologize for the inconvenience while we do this work. ****

How can they do this to me when I’m writing a blog about this wonderful tool? Sheesh! All I can do is try and explain from memory. Every time I go into a Freepartay, I have to fill in a form that asks me about the best sales ranking and the average ranking for the book I’m promoting. This is where I can find that information. You can bring up every one of your books on a graph, with a choice for a short period (weeks or months) or over the whole year. (I think??? Did I happen to mention I have a bad case of brain malfunction due to overuse?) Really, it’s great to be able to see how each book is doing for comparison say with other books in a series or just so you can sit and gloat.

This is also a place that shows you each book's current sales ranking (which you can also see on the Books page as well.

The button called "Rank" is for the author. Again, this is a great place for you to follow your own path as you progress. As we all know, this career we’ve chosen doesn’t kick in overnight. It takes time and another book and another book and…

So to be able to see where we sit in the Amazon kingdom at any given time is pretty darn cool. This is what Amazon says about the Rank  -  *Amazon Author Rank is based on the sales of all of your books on and is updated hourly.*

These are the categories Amazon has placed me as of 5:49pm PMT:

All Books #1,246

Kindle eBooks #765

Literature & Fiction #644

Mystery & Thrillers #477

Mystery #245

These placements have to do with where your books are in certain categories. I know that when my Christmas book Lovable Christmas Angel was ranking near the #300 mark, the book was placing from #1 - #10 in categories such as christmas and holiday books. I had sold my way onto the Amazon's Authors 100 best-sellers list. Golden moments – this year’s goal – to get back on that list. But that’s another blog - Oh yeah!
The next link on this site is the Customer Reviews. Pretty self-explanatory. I answer all my reviews. Figure if people take their time to leave a comment, the least I can do is thank them.  But that’s just me – part of my old-fashioned upbringing.

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