Monday, April 29, 2013

Getting back your Copywrite! #amazon #kindle #amwriting #finally!

How do you feel about getting the rights back on a book that's been out of your reach?

I know how I feel—thankful, ecstatic and darn well excited. Add in just a little rejoicing that the day’s finally here and it would about cover it. Overwhelming relief comes to mind also when I think I’ll finally be able to set it up on Amazon the way I want.

It’s about control. Something I never thought about in those first few years of being in the business. A contract back then was the golden globe. An award that everyone I knew craved for. Guess it’s still the same for some people today. Traditionalists think a contract from a publisher will give them everything they yearn for.  

1.     Their name on a book cover, one they wouldn’t have to pay for. Except there’s no choices involved either.

2.     Their editing done free of charge. In one way, that is a bonus unless the editor forces you to make huge adjustments in revising your work, changing your voice and altering the whole concept of the story.

3.     Free promotion. Not so much! Unless you’re a best-seller, the publishers ignore you and the only commitment they give to your work is to put your book on some bookshelves for a limited time.

4.     A good price for their work. Except that they’re in competition with so many new self-published authors who are willing to set their prices at a reasonable rate, knowing that it’s only fair to give the readers a chance to discover them and their work.  

I’ve recently gotten the rights back for my book “Together Again” which is the 5th book in The Vicarage Bench Series. It’s one of my favorite books because it was my first full-length novel that was publishable.

My publisher, The Wild Rose Press, charged $5.25 for this book. I’m sorry, but I totally understand why the ranking on that book stayed so low over the years. I’m sure the only copies I sold were to the people who knew me personally and wanted to support me.  (Thank goodness for mothers, sisters, and best friends.) **Funny thing is, as soon as I started selling well on Amazon with my self-published work, the ranking on this book started to climb, benefiting …

You got it…!

 Next blog - Setting up your own work versus having no say at all.


  1. Hi, Mimi,
    Haven't got the rights back on mine yet. I probably need to examine those contracts and see what's what. The only advantage to me now is having the books in print when I need them because most Jamaican don't have e-readers.

    I loved the validation angle, but having gone that road three times, I went the other way and have seen more royalty in a few months than the years my books have been in the hands of publishers.

  2. Hi J.L.
    I do understand and I sympathise....there are many who still want the physical book and won't or can't see any other. But that time wil soon pass and those of us who now exist in the 21st century will benefit :-)