Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Author Profile on Amazon Central


I know many of you are sick of filling in profile information on all the various sites that demand it. Since the day you became serious about promoting your work, I bet there’s a lot. I know I have a whole freakin, 3-ring book full of the different places where I’ve filled in my name, various tidbits of information and my books covers, etc. Then I promptly forgot about most of them because there aren’t enough hours in the day.

The one place you don’t want to forget about and that’s the store that sells your books.  Amazon sends you your paychecks and so they are in a whole different category than any of the others that are plain promo sites. (My books are totally with their select program, so for me Amazon is my only employer.)

When it comes to setting up my author page here, I decided that it had to be done well. I wanted to get “likes” for my page and I hoped to get fans to follow me on twitter and my blogs from there. As a technically challenged, middle-aged chick, I fought with getting the RSS feed from my blog, but with perseverance and Google, it’s amazing what you can achieve. I knew it was a good place to have it show up and so I’m glad it works so well. Setting up the twitter was a snap.

Writing an interesting Bio that engages the reader and doesn’t make them yawn took a few days, but then again I’m a wordsmith – it’s my profession . Have to admit, it was darned difficult writing about myself.

The photo – I fiddled and stressed about that because many of the traditional authors feel it’s a must to have a professional photograph done. When I first started this career, I just couldn’t justify the cost. I decided I’d rather use the money for a book promotion. My husband took his digital, made me sit nice and polite and went to work and we chose the best. Not sure if I’m right about this, so it is on my to-do (maybe one day) list.

Once you have filled in this profile, Amazon will add it to your page where a customer can go to see all your books. In other words, rather than putting a book title in the search box, they put in your name. It opens up with your personal profile mixed in with all your books (and some from other folks also – so what’s up with that??? All I know it’s got something to do with the keywords you used when publishing – I think???)

I absolutely know there have been a number of readers who’ve checked me out – there’s over 130 likes and so if this profile does bring traffic. Therefore,it’s gotta be done right. Right???

Have I forgotten anything about the profile? If you know of some other important point to bring up, please leave a comment for everyone.
Next blog – What I know about the “Book Statistics in Amazon Central”.


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