Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I've just sent my book to the editor!!

High Stakes Gamble is at the editor's getting a nice polish and
will be released on April 3rd only 7 more days!!!
One of an author’s favorite sentences is, “I’ve just sent my book to the editor.”
At least it certainly is for me. It means my book is all but finished. I’ve done my part and now it’s up to the professional to do theirs. Luckily, I’ve formed a great rapport with my editor for the Vegas series, Bob Reed, and I trust him with my precious manuscript. It’s hugely important to have a relationship like that with the person who gets to make changes to your work. He’s quick, keeps me in the loop and the revisions he makes are necessary but minimal.

I found out about this man from a colleague whose books are always full of conflict and so well written. Because of that, I love to read her work. Figured I should have me a fellow just like him. Then decided– hell, why not just have him. Lucky for me he was available.

Previously, I’ve worked with others who didn’t quite get my voice the way he does and it was a painful experience.  Not only painful, but it put me back weeks in repairing the damages.

(Just so you know- he doesn’t edit my blogs – maybe he should…..gulp!)

Luckily, I’ve been blessed in my Vicarage Bench series also to have worked with a wonderful editor through Wild Rose Press called Nan Swanson. Because these books are spirit-travel romances set in Bury, England, she keeps me on the straight and narrow when it comes to researching my facts.  Plus, she gets the “romance” that’s so deeply engrained with these stories. The very first novella I wrote for this series, I sent to her and she gave me a contract – now I feel as if I need her special touch with each new book.

Unfortunately, as you know, I haven’t put out a new Vicarage Bench book for over 2 years. That’s because I’m riding out my contracts with an e-publisher in order to get the rights to those books back in my control and then self-pub them.  (but that’s a whole new blog J)

****Speaking about the Vicarage Bench series, the anthology is being advertised on the Free Kindle Book site today and my ranking dropped like fat lady perched on a thin branch.



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