Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Is a lot of conflict TOO MUCH???


I don’t think so. And I sure as heck hope you feel the same way.

I’ve been working diligently on the new edition Book #4 of my Vegas series “High Stakes Gamble” which is slotted in the Romantic Suspense genre. And I’ve purposely incorporated a lot of…

You got it—Suspense!

The Thesaurus’ description of suspense includes words like uncertainly and anticipation. In my mind, uncertainty and anticipation is linked together with some sort of conflict… right? And looking up conflict on Thesaurus shows terms like battle, disagreement, and fight. Okay! So when you have controversy, tension and opposition there has to be a certain amount of suspense accumulating over the outcome.

And I have no doubt that the readers expect, prefer and relish a good chance to feel trepidation and fear of the outcome when reading these types of stories. At least I know that I do. I love it when the author makes the book so exciting that I lose sleep because I can’t stop reading.

I have another secret to share with you. I like suspense and conflict no matter what genre I read. Contemporary Romance, Historical, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, YA you name it. To me, a book without some sort of controversy is a flat story that doesn’t get finished.

(And this is just my opinion, but two characters who don’t get along in a love tale does not constitute a proper conflict.)

As authors, we all know that we can’t have our hero and heroine falling into each other’s arms on page one if we want the readers to stay engaged with the story. But we also know there has to be viable reasons for our two lovebirds to be kept apart in order to take up enough words so we can call our work a short story, novella or a novel. That’s where the conflict comes in. It’s the basis for their discord. And if a bit of suspense can be woven into this discord, then for me all the better.

Back to my original question – is a lot too much? I guess if it takes the place of long boring descriptions and narrative that forces one to skip to the next page, it isn’t. Therefore, if you feel the same as I do, High Stakes Gamble will be just your kind of read. It’s a blockbuster, full of conflict and fast-paced thrills. There’s sorrow and joy, laughter and tears, with romance (of course) intertwined into the tale. **To be released by the first week in April.

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