Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Finishing a book!

I haven’t put out any new blogs lately and I’m sorry.

Do you get those times when life just gets in the way?

Well it’s been happening to me. Coming home from holidays, I decided to go straight to my folk’s place for a long-overdue visit and they’ve decided to make the time more exciting. They’ve accepted a place in a retirement home and the move is ON!!! In seconds, my life took a one-eighty.

Of course I have to stay and help the oldies through this period, and of course I don’t mind….well I don’t. But… gulp… I have a book to finish.

Trying to work during the day is futile to say the least. Every time I sneak off to my room, either one or the other comes to have a little chat, and I certainly don’t mind.

Mealtime has now become my responsibility. Since hubby cooks at home, I’ve always enjoyed my time here because I can try my hand at cooking and I don’t mind at all, I like it… usually. But I have a book to finish.

I’d lay money on the table that I have two of only folks who like to stay up late. Bedtime doesn’t even begin to happen until eleven and then it can take anywhere from ten minutes to an hour, depending on how much has gone on during their day and what has to be discussed over the last cup of tea. I’ve always loved these times with them, so of course I don’t mind sharing these impromptu get-togethers but…you got it! I have a book to finish.

So… it’s been two and three o’clock in the mornings for me these last tiring days and you know what? The book has flowed beautifully – go figure!

Did I mention, my dad is an early riser and loves company? With my mom sleeping in till late in the mornings, we’ve always taken this time to spend together doing our own “thing” and absolutely, trust me - I don’t mind at all…. “yawn”

It’s just that I’ve now got a book to edit!
Coming soon!!!
Book #4 for the Vegas Series
Release Date - April 3rd



  1. What a beautiful & quality problem to have! Yes, you have a book to finish, but give yourself a gift of being present during this time with your parents. You're living and creating what will someday just be memories. Embrace that you have this special and transitional time with your parents. Don't let what you "need" to do with the book pull you

  2. Don't let what you "need" to do with the book pull your focus from what you actually are doing with your parents. They won't always be there. Hopefully you'll be blessed with them for many more years, but there's no guarantee. You have the opportunity now to not have regret later -- you don't want to find yourself down the road finding your parents are gone and wishing you had this time back to live & experience again. I'd happily trade an opportunity to wake up early and have tea with my mom again. Life is short and these opportunities are rare.

  3. So very well said, my friend. I've tried to take every moment I can with them and make the work happen when they are busy and ahppy with something else.Having them both still with me, I'm very blessed and I know it. XXOO