Monday, February 4, 2013

Writer on Holidays…huh??

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We’ve decided to go on a holiday, our yearly vacation to find some sun and get away from the rain-soaked West coast.


As we organize our trip, my husband is buying such incidentals J like Health Insurance, updating the GPS so Katie won’t steer us wrong and scanning Google maps, planning his route for the four-day drive, deciding on the nightly stops and daily mileage.


He also took the car in to get it serviced and spent an afternoon cleaning it inside-out, vacuuming and washing windows. Then he pushed his golf clubs way in the back in order to make sure they weren’t forgotten - that they’d have a space. Next on his list was going to bank to buy some American money for the days of travelling and eating in fast-food joints. He just gets so caught up in those tedious trifling chores….!!?


Myself, on the other hand, other than packing and tidying the house, I am in charge of matters of the most importance. Planning blogs to set up in advance for the days we’ll be on the road. (I hate rushing into hotels rooms and working late into the night.) I have also spent an inordinate amount of time updating my laptop, fully charging all the batteries for my phone and kindle. Speaking of the kindle, I loaded a few books I’ve been meaning to read that have nothing to do with work and everything to do with the fact that I’ve gotten behind on my favorite authors.


My Briefcase is bulging and still I’m scanning the office, terrified I might forget something that down the road I’ll need and won’t have. Notebooks, favorite pens, address book, memory sticks that are full of the work from my PC.


Because let’s face it… An author has no holidays. No time off. Our brains don’t shut down because of different scenery—on the contrary. Great new plots are always attacking, events we just have to write down for our wip. Just discovered character quirks come to us anywhere we happen to be that might ramp up a hero or heroine. I accepted that undisputable fact long ago. Writers don’t get holidays. We just get different places to write!!

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