Monday, January 7, 2013

Write the Darn Book! Part 10

Part #10 Publishing the book on Amazon, or any of the other outlets, is the least work of all but a bit scary when you first do it. Other authors are very good about answering questions for a newbie who is stuck. Hence, the need to join an Indie group.


Gosh I shudder to remember the hell I went through trying to put my first self-published work on Amazon. And I’ll admit that it was child’s play compared to downloading on Smashwords. Hells Bells, I’m glad I don’t have to go through that again.

 Talk about staying up half the night, pulling at my hair till my head hurt and cussing a blue streak in a very unladylike manner. Scared my husband so much, he tiptoed past my office and didn’t bother stopping to visit like he usually does a few times a day. Can’t blame him… Who’d want to talk with a crazed, grey-haired nutcase whose chin dripped with saliva from snarling repeatedly and whose features were stamped with a glazed look of hatred and murder?  I still have no idea how the computer survived. I guess I missed the keyboard and only pounded the desk.

Wouldn’t go there again for a million dol… okay I exaggerate—slightly. Chances are I’d do it again and probably better because of the earlier practice. In this business, I’ve found that old adage to be profoundly true. You know the one - if at first you don’t succeed…

And I sincerely applaud anyone who’s taken on the formatting and publishing of their own books on all the different networks like Sony, Apple, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. The labor must be all-consuming and keep you up till all hours chewing on ant-acids.   

For me, I’ve chosen to stick with Amazon’s Select program. It gives me my out. I don’t have to face the other sites again. At least in the foreseeable future! And if I did, chances are I’d find someone who’s a professional. As you all know by my earlier blogs, I firmly believe in professionals making us authors look good.

But there is another side to every coin. Some folks don’t have the wherewithal to be able pay others. Especially when they’re first starting as I know from my own experiences. So when you have to go it alone, don’t feel adrift. As I've mentioned before, there are others out there who have gone through similar experiences and would be more than willing to give a helping hand. Hence the reason why you need to watch a lot of how-to videos and be active on the Indie loops.

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