Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Reviewers deserve recognition!!

This year, I decided I should start my blog talking about something I'm thankful for…  particularly in 2012. I can certainly say all the accepted stuff like good health, having lots of friends (and finding more in the last twelve months) even about the family I'm blessed to love and who love me.


But I wracked my brain to be just a little more creative than using the same glib clichés so easy to write, even though they are thankfully true. Being a happy kind of soul, I went through many themes and then discarded each as not the perfect subject I wanted to use for this special post.


During the evening, while getting ready to participate in the Kick Ass Promotion starting Jan 2nd, I went through all my books and checked to see where each was in their ranking in order to start a new statistical spreadsheet. As I did so, I looked to see if there were any new reviews. One of my great joys is reading these messages and leaving a thank you for every person who takes the time to comment on my books. As soon as I started to do this, I knew what I wanted to focus my post on this day.


I wanted to tell all the readers who do take the time to write reviews for authors whose work has made enough of an impact, just how much it's appreciated. To those lovely, kind people – thank you. For your positive criticisms – thank you. For taking the time out of a busy day to let others know they should also buy and read the book – thank you.  And for your creative and lovely remarks that can bring a tear to a writer's eye, even choke them up so much that they need to keep a Kleenex close (for the 1 stars  gulp... as well as the 5 stars J) – really – thank you.


Sometimes this job can be thankless. It just takes a kind word from a gentle soul to make it worthwhile. So for all of you who have taken the time to make the day for one of our hard-working colleagues ......
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“You shot me!” Aurora is incensed. Her new partner shrugs and answers. “I saved your life.” From the very first page of this riveting story, these two battle for supremacy in trying to catch the serial rapist who ripped both their lives apart. With all her might, Aurora fights the attraction to Kai's baby blues that tease and start her internal warning devices humming. After all, her job is her life, and determination mixed with courage has always been her lifeline.
Kai has a mission of honor to undertake. The man who’d raped his sister can’t be allowed to live—after all, she hadn’t! Revenge fills his soul, while visions of his new partner fills his heart. The sassy woman rattles his calm, and he can’t keep his hands to himself. Doesn’t mean she has the power to stop him from doing what has to be done.
A spoilt model, Jenna McBride, sits on a bench in 2007, pricks her finger on a rose bush and gets transported back to 1963 England to inhabit the body of chubby Lucy McGillicuddy. As her spiritual roommate, Jenna’s cynicism forces Lucy to adhere to a model’s lifestyle of sparse eating and physical exercise. Lucy’s body undergoes changes becoming svelte and beautiful. Conversely, Lucy's kind-hearted, generous spirit leaves a lasting impression on the temperamental fashion plate who exists inside her.

Lucy loves knowledgeable Dr. John, who has plans to help Jenna return to her own body. Jenna’s Business Manager Jake assists and mistakenly shifts into Dr John. Now the four spirits are vying over two bodies. Meanwhile, Jenna realizes an attraction for Jake, who’s very endearing, and she falls madly in love with him. While you giggle over their antics, these four characters will steal your heart.


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