Friday, January 25, 2013

Please meet S.J. Byrne - author of My Butterfly!

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With open arms, I'm welcoming a friend and colleague S.J. Bryne to Believe! today and hope you all enjoy her excerpt. She is the co-ordinator for the First Love Blog Hop and is a bundle of knowledge, energy and fun. I'm so glad to be a part of this great promo.

An excerpt from My Butterfly

"Ah wud ne'er, E'ER hurt ye! Ah did nae mean tae frighten ye wi' mah hunger. Am sae sorry, lass. Please say yer okay. Please tell meh Ah have nae hurt ye."

The anguish in his eyes tore at her heart, and Katherine hung her head, knowing there was no way he could understand the deep shame she felt. Familiar tears filled her eyes as she stared at the floor beneath her feet. He had a right to know the truth, but she didn't think she had the strength to tell him. She had never told a soul, not even Jessup, though she suspected he'd known and enjoyed it immensely. Gathering courage about her like a wet, woolen blanket, she prepared to see the disgust and rejection in his eyes once she revealed her dark secret.

"Katherine, please fergive meh." Remorse forced him into silence, and it broke her heart to hear him full of self-loathing on her account.

"There's nothing to forgive."

The whisper of words was as broken as her spirit had once been, and with her chin lifted high, she avoided looking him in the eye as tears streamed down her cheeks. Slipping off the stool, she crossed the kitchen to where he stood and placed her hands flat against the center of his chest. Leaning her forehead into the hollow of his throat, she was reminded how perfectly they fit together and realized she would miss the feeling of symmetry between their bodies.

About the Author

Living in the mountains of Western North Carolina SJ Byrne is just trying to make her way through the insanity that comes with creativity. Writing is her passion - life is her muse. Keep an eye out for new books due later this year.

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