Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Meet Isabella Sinclair - author of Olly!

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Meet Isabella Sinclair, author of this fun, 
sexy Novella called OLLY!

An excerpt...from OLLY

“Dying of a broken heart?” The idea rolled off my tongue fluidly, and my pulse quickened as it recognized the primal truth behind her words.

“It happens quite frequently to couples who’ve been married a long time. Why can’t it happen to soul mates separated for far too long, with no hope of ever reconnecting?” Glancing at him, her eyes softened and welled with tears. “In his heart, Dad belonged to you, even though he was living with us.”

Wanting to believe her theory-needing to believe it-my hopeful heart skipped a beat. If he’s dying of a broken heart because of our separation, could my return save his life? Dare I begin to hope? “It’s something. I’d swallow glass if it would save him.” A ripple of movement under my chin caught my attention, and I looked into a pair of smiling brown eyes.

“I adore you.” His whisper was loud enough for Devin to hear, and she quietly left the room to give us a moment of privacy.

“I adore you, Gage.” I kissed the top of his nose, loving the way our hearts beat in unison.

“Please don’t eat glass for me.” Though his lips turned up the slightest bit, his eyes conveyed the depth of his emotion in connection with my welfare.

“I promise, my love.” I’d do anything he asked of me, and he knew it.

About The Author

Isabella is like a fine wine with a little bit of Rock-n-Roll. She began writing erotic stories to entertain her boyfriend and discovered a talent given at birth. Weaving an erotic tale without going overboard is no simple thing and Isabella wouldn't dream of leaving out matters of the heart. After all, what is sex without love? Empty

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  1. Great post and the book sounds really good. I may have to add it to my list to read.