Sunday, January 13, 2013

Do Short stories sell? Fantastic new **WEBSITE**

Fantastic new website for short stories at the lowest price!!!

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Have you ever wondered whether short stories will sell? If the readers really like to buy these small bits of fiction that seem to be more and more popular? I know that novellas are appreciated, but they normally have from 15,000 – 20,000 words. I’m talking about a story with 5,000 – 15,000 words…a short story.

Recently, I wrote a short prequel to my new Romantic Suspense series “Vegas”. I called it Partners and in this short I wrote the introduction to my characters, the backstory if you will, to the hero and heroine that would be the two main people featured in the full-length sequel Roll the Dice.

Not expecting any great sales, I nevertheless felt it would be a significant addition to the series as a whole. Seems I was right. Many of the reviewers stated that it was short, but on the other hand, the comments were positive and showed that the readers followed through and bought the next book.

Let’s face it. People today have such a fast-paced life. Most women work a full-time job and still have a home and a family to look after.  Therefore their time to relax is shortened. So they read on their tablets, e-readers and phones. I guess not having to struggle through a novel of 300 – 400 pages is an advantage.

So... there are more and more of the shorter stories available to fill the demand.  As an author,  I’m thankful to be able to get a break every so often and produce something that’s fun and fast.

****Speaking of fun and fast, I’m working on a ‘bridge’ story (short of course) which will cover the time between Roll the Dice and the next full-length Vegas book called High Stakes Gamble. This short is called Vegas Rift, and for those of you who have read the series, it will describe Detective Aurora Morelli’s life after she becomes a killer and before her newborn daughter is kidnapped by a vicious baby snatcher.

Available next month on Amazon.

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  1. I host a feature JUST for short stories, or collections. Personally I love a good short story!! You and I should hook up and CONGRATS! OOOH #weeklyshort materiel (making a note)

  2. I have a Novella full of short stories on Amazon right now and people seem to love it. It's picking up steam, so yes short stories sell.

  3. Hi Kris,
    So nice to read your comment - Love to hook up with you! Will send out a tweet with that hashtag. And check out your feature! I think this website is a fantastic idea, because like you, I also like to read well-written short stories. Reminds me of those old romance magazines the women in my mom's day liked - and still do if I'm not mistaken. Humm another blog topic!! :-)

  4. Wishful thinking - When I read that handle the first thing that comes to mind is Don't think it - make it happen!!! :-)
    And since you've published and your short stories sell - you've obviously made it happen and I congratulate you sincerely on your sucess!!

  5. I've written several novels (which are hiding somewhere in the dark depths of my hard drive), but short stories scare me a bit. The thought of trying to say so much with so few words intimidates me, I guess.

  6. Phoenix, I have to admit that on my first try, I wasn't sure if I'd given my characters and plot enough structure to make it a good story. But I soon overcame those feeling after I wrote the next few novellas and short stories. I guess with practice it gets easier.

  7. I am very intrigued and would love to get involved with this site, using the short stories I've already published. I clicked through on the link you shared, but I don't see any information on how to list books or such. Do you know, by chance?? And thanks for sharing!

  8. I write The Coffee Break Series...designed specifically for lunch breaks or to read while in a waiting room...what do I need to do to get involved?? Thanks for posting!

  9. Anne and Christina,
    The group you want to get in touch with is
    Joy is the wonderful lady who organizes all the partays and so on. If she isn't in charge of the Lunchtime Reads site, she will know who is.
    Good Luck. Hope to see you both there soon.