Saturday, January 26, 2013

Do readers like Bridge stories??

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Heck – I don’t know. I just found out about them myself –
call me dumb if you want!


Our promoter on the IBC group has warned us that short stories are selling well and it would be a great idea for us to add them into our future writing plans. As I mentioned before in other blogs, readers today are in a hurry. Since everything in their lives is rush-rush, so too is their allowable reading time. Maybe on their lunch hours - hence Lunchtime Reads. The new website that is now available featuring short stories written by many best-selling amazon authors. (Aha! My sneaky little promo for the link on the sidebar)

Anyway, I regress! BRIDGE STORIES….


When she brought up this type of a short story, I questioned her nonchalantly, thanking the Gods that she couldn’t see my red cheeks since we were on a webinar. Her reply left me thoughtful and then excited. She told me they were shorts that the author can write to fill in what is happening in the protagonist’s lives between two full-length books in a series. You’re most likely asking, why does it matter? Shouldn’t that information be the backstory in the next book?


I thought that way myself. Then I reviewed where I had left my characters in “Roll the Dice”, which is book #2 in the Vegas Series. And since Vegas is a run-on series, I knew there would be quite a lot going on in both my hero and heroine’s worlds but it wouldn’t necessarily be where I intended to start the next full-length novel called “High Stakes Gamble.”


So……. This bridge book would work for me – in fact the idea had me so excited that I stopped work on Gamble and got right to work on the book I’ll be releasing next week called “Vegas Shuffle” It is a bridge. It does fill in the gap perfectly for any of the readers who want to know what’s going on until Aurora and Kai are re-united. There is a warning “spoiler alert” at the beginning to tell the unsuspecting reader it would benefit them to read “Roll the Dice” first.  And... I loved digging into their worlds in more detail as I crafted the characters.


Best of all…it was a hell of a lot of fun to write.
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  1. Interesting concept. The only thing that would make me think twice is the fact that I see so many complaints from people who downloaded a short story without realizing it was a short story. :)

  2. True...I've seen some complaints like this myself. I guess in the book description there should be an obvious blurb that it is a short story, and hopefully, it'll be enough to let the readers know what they're buying. Also the price should be low. And there's always Amazon's great return policy if someone decides they were hoodwinked :-)

  3. Good post. I didn't know that about them selling. And, also good point on the download of a short story made by J.L. Food for thought. Thanks, my friend, Mimi. Paulette

  4. HI Paulette
    Thanks for commenting!
    Sometimes an author is brilliant with a short plot and was never taken seriously before....hopefully now he/she will have a chance. PLUS think of more sagging middle LOL