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Amazing final results of Group Promos!

Was Spring Fling Free ParTay and Indie Book Blowout Broke a Success?


You Bet!

Across the board we broke all records.

This was our strongest “across the board” Free ParTay to date

By the end of the SECOND DAY fully 75 % of our 32 titles were UNDER 100 on Amazon’s Free List

AND every one of our titles was UNDER 200 on

Amazon’s Free List

SEVEN Rock Stars

Tasted the sweet air in the


And stayed there throughout the promotion.

AND a total of 19 titles were under 30 on the Free List for all of Free ParTay!

We had a number of genuine rock stars!

Helen Thomas, our first British writer in Free ParTay, rocketed up to #1 on Amazon’s Free list with “Unbreak My Heart “and stayed in the top three spots throughout Free ParTay. Helen was wonderfully surprised and modest at hitting the top spot. Like all of the authors, she credits IBC for her success.

“What a fantastic experience it's been to take part in the Free Par-Tay run by IBC. Everything I learned in Carolyn McCray's informative workshops helped me maximize my promotional efforts. I ended up making #1 in the Kindle store—amazing! But I wouldn't have done it without the tireless support and expertise of IBC. Indie collaboration at its best!"

Thank you for everything. Taking part in the Free Partay has been exciting and an eye-opener. I shall be signing up for the next one with my new book for sure”.

Helen Scott Taylor “Unbreak My Heart

Regina Griffin, author of “Ish” has a remarkable story to tell. Landing in the top 5 from an inauspicious beginning confirms that conclusion.

“The 2012 Spring Fling Free Partay and IBB events were the thrill rides of my lifetime. I cannot find adequate words to account for Carolyn McCray's brilliance and knowledge of what it takes for indie authors to tread the deep, ominous waters of successful book promoting Two weeks before my participation in the Spring Fling event, my book "ISH" was ranked at 690,760. As of Sunday, May 13, 2012 "ISH" had achieved its greatest success since being published in February 2011. My event highlights were hitting #1 on US Amazon's Humor list, Best of all, I got to smell the crisp air in the Top 100 clouds, when my book sprang to its #4 spot ---in less than 48 hours!

 It was a momentous occasion in every aspect! In the end though, the true attribute must be paid to Carolyn McCray, the wizard and brainchild behind an event that cannot be described as anything less than LIFE ALTERING. Hail to the queen”

Regina Griffin, “Ish”

In addition to the top spot on the overall list, many of our authors raced to the top of their genre specific lists.  Katherine  Owen’sWhen I See You”  that was in the top ten for most of the promotion, scored #1 on U.S, Drama. Signe Pike’sNative Water” hit #1 on the Poetry the first day.

Many authors noted with pleasure that their other titles were also getting a boost. Stephanie Bond’s sequel XXX sold 615 copies at $3.99 during the promotion. One of Rita Heron’s other titles, “Here Comes the Bride” sold a whopping 903 books during Free ParTay.

A true success story was Pat Mason, who along with S.J. Byrne are the key volunteers on Free ParTay and IBB. Pat’s new release, “In Deep Shitake” took a number of prizes. In addition to getting into the top five on the Free List and staying there throughout, Pat scored #1 Hot New Release in Mystery Thriller – Women Sleuths and #10 Mystery Thriller How New Release. At one time she was #1 on Movers and Shakers and is still on the list along with Helen Brandon’s “Dunaway’s Crossing” Rita Heron’s “Husband Hunting 101” and Stephanie Bond’s “In Deep Voodoo.”

Pat sums up her feelings about IBC”S Spring ParTay in words we heard echoed again and again.

“Participating in several Free Par-Tays has been transformative. Carolyn McCray's insights and mentoring, and the work of the IBC's amazing staff, allowed me to take my writing career to not just another level, but another dimension. I credit Carolyn McCray with giving me the tools and techniques I needed to put my novels on several kindle genre bestseller lists, thus reaching readers with my work. I'm so grateful to have found this extraordinary group of caring professionals who are so devoted to advancing indie authors”.

Pat Mason “In Deep Shitake”


Are we resting on our laurels? Never! Already we are hard at work planning our next Free Par-Tay and Indie Book Blowout, Summer Sizzle Free ParTay, June 13 -14 followed by Summer Sizzle IBB June 15-16.

As always there is an intrinsic, less “measureable” aspect of our Free ParTay /IBB events. That is the camaraderie, support and commitment we all had to each other’s success. When the great numbers came in, we roared with approval.  When someone started to slip, the gang went into high gear with extra tweets and pats on the back. Not only that, but as a group we “liked” and “tagged” every book in the promotion and many of our authors are hard at work exchanging reviews!

Gerri Russell, author of The Warrior Trainer and one of our valued Team Captains, summed up what she valued most like this:

  • We all have much better traction than we ever could have alone.
  • We raised our profile and our rankings on Amazon both Free and Paid.
  • We sold books!
  • We made friends!
  • And we bettered our careers for the long haul!

Novel Seniors

Free Books for Seniors June 1st - Sign on!

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Someday Is Always Now!


It is my great pleasure to introduce you to a new friend of mine, and a wonderful writer, Nancy Brandon. Her debut book Dunaway's Crossing has been one of my favourite books to read lately and I highly recommend it. Out of 34 reviews it has 32 - 5stars! Phenomenal!


Someday Is Always Now!

            Two months after releasing my debut novel, Dunaway's Crossing, the heady feeling of being an author has not abated. Readers email me with compliments or write positive reviews on my Amazon page, and I must remind myself that I'm not dreaming. People out there really like my book!

            And it only took me forty-five years.

            So why did it take so long to release the story I'd always wanted to write? Part of the reason had to do with craft. Although I'd published academic articles and textbooks before, I had to hone my fiction writing skills. For a couple of years I worked on another novel just to change my writing habits and narrative voice. Then for three years and through numerous writing group conversations, I revised--even rewrote a couple of times--Dunaway's Crossing until it was a work I felt ready to be shared with a wider audience.

            But another reason was a naive, hidden procrastination with which many people can identify at some time or another. I call it the someday factor. Someday I'll run a marathon. Someday I'll get my college degree. Someday I'll get married and have children.

            Someday I'll write a novel.

            Fortunately, a conversation with renowned writer Richard Selzer cured me of the someday factor. Six years ago, Selzer, author of The Doctor Stories, The Whistler's Room, and Mortal Lessons, came to my city, Savannah, as the guest author of that year's common read. As part of the organizing committee, I had the pleasure of conversing with Selzer a number of times. During our conversations, Selzer told me that he'd started writing at the age of forty, during the later stage of his successful career as a surgeon and med school professor. He advised me to keep up with my writing, that it was never too late to get started.

            That's when it hit me: I was thirty-nine years old. I'd be forty in a couple of months. When did I expect someday to arrive? 

            That night I sat down at my computer and started typing. I joined a writing group. I attended workshops. I read books about the art of writing fiction. I attended more workshops. And I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote some more.

            Much of the feedback I received on my drafts helped me to sharpen my details, develop my characters, organize my scenes, and create chapter endings to keep readers turning pages. And finally, this past winter, I was finished. But believe it or not, I suffered a relapse of the someday factor.

            Someday I'll publish my novel.

            One side of my brain knew I had to make that publication happen, but still, I did nothing. I behaved as if somehow the novel would get released all by itself. Perhaps the other side of my brain was afraid of rejection or bad reviews. Perhaps it was afraid of the unknown. Perhaps I was too busy teaching college classes and raising two sons. Whatever the reason, I finished my novel, hit the "save" button and went on about my life.

            And then I had the pleasure of interviewing another notable author, Jonathan Rabb, author of Rosa, A Second Son, and The Book of Q. Rabb described to me a certain confidence writers must possess in order to succeed with this kind of art form. Not only do they have to believe their stories are worth telling, but they must also believe their stories are good enough for others to pay for the pleasure of reading them. And that's when I realized nobody would read my story if I didn't make it available to be read.

            I realized that someday is now.

            So here I am, with a novel on Kindle's best seller list and another story in the making, still a little amazed that Dunaway's Crossing has progressed all the way through the writing and publication process. I guess now I'm experiencing the pinch me factor. Still, I know I'm not cured of the someday factor. The only way I can avoid a relapse is consistent writing and consistent feedback from my writing group. And for that reason, I set daily goals for my writing and dedicate a specific block of time each day toward meeting those goals. Someday is always now.

Nancy Brandon was raised in middle Georgia and graduated from the University of Georgia. For the past twenty years, she has taught college English in Savannah, where she lives with her husband and two children. Dunaway's Crossing is her first novel. Find more information about Nancy Brandon at


***Please leave your e-mail address for a chance to win an e-book copy of Dunaway's Crossing. I'm sure you've all had the "Someday" factor rear it's cheeky head in your own lives. I know I have, multiple times. Like "Someday" I'm going to re-write the first book I ever wrote....!!


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Novel Seniors! IBC's new site to check out!


Fill your e-readers with...

Wonderful books from different genres!

Welcome to Indie Book Collective's amazing new program: Novel Seniors! We are excited to offer free ebooks to you, our most cherished readers.

At least once a month we will donate free, yes we said FREE ebooks through to seniors that are signed up for our newsletter.

And not just one book!! Heck no! If you claim your book within the first hour we may send you another... and another, and another.

Every book you claim within the first hour of the giveaway will also give you 5 more chances to win a $25 gift card AND 5 chances to win our grand prize a KINDLE!

***When I first saw that the Indie Book Collective had organized this monthly event, I felt really proud to be associated with the group. Let's face it it - today money is tight, especially for our seniors. They need all the help possible to be able to read books they love and get them free. I gladly signed up for the first promotion and know that many other authors will be willing to do the same. I do realize there are always free books available on Amazon, but by signing up for the newsletter the book choice comes to boring search is involved. Just a click of a button and the books are delivered. So easy!

So if your mom or dad, grandmother or grandfather, old friend or neighbour is an avid reader and never seems to have enough to read, tell them about the Novel Senior site and let him or her sign up before June 1st.


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"A Night at Tears of Crimson" author Michelle Hughes


I have the pleasure to introduce you to a new friend of mine that I met at the recent Spring Fling Partay. Her name is Michelle Hughes and she writes books that will make you sit up and take notice. Her latest "A Night at Tears of Crimson" is a great read for anyone who likes book with vampires and great writing!

Thanks so much Mimi for letting me come over to your blog and talk a little about myself.

What made you decide to become a writer?

I'm not sure if I decided to become a writer or if all the dreams I had inside of myself decided for me.  I have been writing short stories since I was young girl and after a twelve year career as a singer/songwriter had ended I needed some way to fulfill my need to entertainer while still keeping close to home.  A Night at Tears of Crimson was my first real attempt at putting together a book that I could share with the public.

Being on a stage performing must be different than writing for an audience that you don't see.  Tell us how these two entertainment venues have changed your style.

Surprising enough they aren't that different.  In my singing days I would lose myself in the songs and forget the crowd.  With writing, it's just about being able to lose yourself without the added distraction of people cheering while you do it.  The instant gratification I found in applause is now found with a great book review.  I have to say the negative reviews are a bit of a blow to my ego though.  In the music world I wasn't subjected to the negatives.

Why Vampires? I've noticed you have another book out besides the two paranormal romances and are you leaning toward that direction now?

Tears of Crimson is actually from reoccurring dreams I've had since I was young teenager, so I just say I didn't have a choice when it came to Vampires or not.  As far as my other book, Defying the Sheikh, well it was another dream I had and I felt it needed to be written.  I don't consider myself just a paranormal romance writer.  I love romance, no matter what format it is written in.  Honestly I'm just going to keep writing what I dream about.  I feel like if it fills my dreams then it must be something that other people have at least thought about.

I've noticed you do many book reviews and even created a site for new authors to debut their books, tell me about that?

I love to read, even though these days it's not as much as I would like.  Writing takes up much of my time and I always worry when I'm working on a project that I'll be influenced by other books.  Until I've cemented out an outline for a book I'm working on, I'll stay clear of other books in the same genre I'm writing in.  Thankfully I have a strong love of most romances and there are plenty of books I can read that won't touch on my topics.

As far as The Books Debut, I started that site in the hopes that other new authors would have a platform to share their work.   It's a very competitive market out there and getting people to share your new book is not easy.  If you're a new author it's even tougher.  I've had some incredible people jump on board to help with this group and have to say without their help it would just be a dream. 

Your Tears of Crimson Vampire Series recently became a bestseller on Kindle, how did that make you feel?

There is no comparison on how you feel when you finally see your book up there with authors that you've respected for years.  I think the greatest feeling was seeing my book in the Vampire Bestseller rankings with Charlaine Harris.  She's always been one of my favorite writers and I admit I actually took a screen shot to savor the moment. 

The first book in this series was actually published in 2009, so after three years it's been a dream come true seeing it finally get some recognition.

How did you come up with the world of Singe Tsigan?

The first dream I had of Rafe and Cara was actually on this other world.  It was a dream I will never forget because it was so vivid.  During this dream I could actually smell the scent of roses and felt my feet walking down the pebbled path toward his castle.  I have to admit that this dream still haunts me today.  Rafe was standing at the end of a portal and holding his hand out to me, inviting me into his world.  Once I accepted his hand, the dreams grew in intensity and most of the time I feel like I'm just telling the story of what I saw there.

That must have been a very strong impression for you to still remember it after all these years?

I can't even explain how deeply that dream effected me, or still does today.  Some nights it's so real that I find myself unhappy to wake up back in my real life.  All the characters in my book are almost real to me since I've dreamed about them all these years.

So how long will you continue to write about the Tears of Crimson Vampire bar?

Honestly I can't say.  I had thought to end this series with the last book coming out in late 2012, but have since began to rethink that.  As long as the dreams continue, I guess I'll continue to write.  I'm also focusing on a few other books that have been on my mind lately.  So while I will continue to write about Tears of Crimson, you can expect other books that will venture away from the vampire romance as well.

Where can we find out more about what your writing and buy the books you currently have on sale?

All the information about the Tears of Crimson Books are available on my site:   for other books that I'm working on I'll be posting to my author page at  I also spend a lot of time on twitter @MichelleHughes_ and facebook  if you can't find me at one of those places then feel free to email me at !



Thursday, May 10, 2012

Results I promised from the Par-tay!


See below...Do you remember me saying this on the blog for May 5th called "Pay nothing for books from Amazon."

I'm now involved in the next Free par-tay (May 7 – 9th) which is happening in two days. Can't wait to see what ensues with my new release "His Devious Angel" which is the second in the Angels with Attitudes series. The first novella of my Vicarage Bench Series, "She's Me" will be available also.

I'll report back on what happens as far as the numbers go…but right now "His Devious Angel" is sitting at #82,810 and "She's Me" is ranking at #117,244 . If you're interested to track it with me, you can watch each day of the par-tay and see for yourself what a difference it'll make.

May 10, 2012

Well the par-tay is over and we've moved onto the second part of the promo, which is the Spring Fling Indie Book Blowout. This is where the books are back to the $.99 price and will be strongly advertised.

But before we go there, I wanted to report to you what I promised.

On the best day of the Spring Fling Par-tay "His Devious Angel" actually hit the #18 ranking in free books and was #1 in (free) Contemporary category and #1 (free) in Fantasy.

"She's Me" also did extremely well and made it to the #32 spot and was #1 in (free) Girls and Women and #1 in (free) People & Places.

So far I would say it's been a huge success. Right now His Devious Angel is ranking at  #12,102.   And She's Me sits at #15,231 and #94 in Time Travel.

***Plus I should mention the rise all my other books have made.

Do I think this IBC promotion has been a success? A resounding YES!! Could I have done it myself? Maybe…but would I have….uh-huh…nope!

There aren't enough hours in a day.

I will report back after the Blowout is over and let you know the final outcome. In the meantime, if you didn't get a chance to pick up the books you really want, they are all a bargain at $.99 and will be returning to their regular prices very soon…so take advantage now.


For this LDS Authors Giveaway Hop I will be happy to present the lucky winner with a free e-book of Stephanie Meyer's - "THE HOST" .

All you need to do is leave a comment with your e-mail address.

 p.s. I'll be adding your names to my newsletter list, so I hope you won't mind getting a  periodic letter from me telling of new releases and special news!


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Medieval Beliefs By Anna Markland

Today I want to welcome author Anna Markland to Believe!
She is a wonderful historical author who believes in research, and her love stories are full of interesting facts about the era and settings she chooses to write about. It brings another level of enjoyment to an already enjoyable read!


   Anna Markland is a Canadian author with a keen interest in genealogy. She writes medieval romance about family honour, ancestry and roots. Her novels are intimate love stories full of passion and adventure. Following an enjoyable career in teaching, Anna transformed her love of writing and history into engaging works of fiction. Prior to becoming a fiction author, she published numerous family histories. One of the things she enjoys most about writing historical romance is the in-depth research required to provide the reader with an authentic medieval experience. You can find a complete list of the books of her two series, The Montbryce Legacy, and Sons of Rhodri, on her website or on

Since Mimi’s blog is entitled Believe! I am writing today about beliefs in the Middle Ages, the period setting for my books.

  In those bygone times, at least three different locations claimed to possess the severed head of John the Baptist. If such a claim were made today, we’d witness an immediate outcry and investigation. CNN would have a field day. Anderson Cooper would be in his element.

A lone medieval scholar, John of Salisbury, did note that two of the claims must be wrong, but most medieval people were not remotely bothered by such issues. Because of the distances involved in travelling to those three places, they didn’t have to deal with the problem of John the Baptist having three heads (or the problem of the church propagating untruths). Divine Providence explained everything. Things were as they were because God had determined it. For them the real threat was the Devil.

In my latest release, The Winds of the Heavens, the people of the Welsh village of Llanfarran resign themselves to the ravages of a plague, believing it to be the will of God.

Signs of the Devil’s presence were to be found everywhere. In my novel, Passion in the Blood, the hero, Robert de Montbryce, glances out the window of his castle in Normandy and sees a flock of crows flying overhead. Foreboding sweeps over him that something evil has happened to his heroine, Dorianne de Giroux.

Celtic speakers were often shunned as agents of the Devil. The persecution of the Welsh Celts by the Normans is a central theme in Conquering Passion, which, BTW, is available FREE on Amazon until May 9th. (You can find two of Mimi’s books FREE until then as well). My novella, Defiant Passion tells the same story of the Welsh resistance to Norman rule, but from the Celtic viewpoint.

Another widely held belief was that women should be seen and not heard. They were the property of men. The word ‘chauvinist’ wouldn’t be coined for several hundred years, but it describes perfectly the hero of Conquering Passion, Ram de Montbryce, at least at the beginning of the story! My spunky heroine, Mabelle, has a difficult time accepting that!

Superstition ruled people’s lives. They had no understanding of the laws of physics, nature, nor even how the human body worked. In their minds, anything could happen—there were no limitations. Sorcery really did work. An astrologist should be consulted for advice on when to take medicine or when to take in the washing. Lead could be turned into gold.

There was widespread belief in prophecy and, difficult as it might be to believe the acceptance of some of the political prophetical works, sometimes works of science and philosophy were even more outlandish.

Here, for example, is a famous passage from Roger Bacon, a 13th century scientist and philosopher:

“Ships may be made to move without oars or rowers, so that large vessels may be driven on the sea or on a river by a single man, and more swiftly than if it were strongly manned. Chariots can be built which can move without any draught animal at incalculable speed...Flying machines might be made in which a man might sit, turning a certain mechanism whereby artfully built wings might beat the air, in the manner of a bird in flight. Another instrument could be made which, although small, will lift or lower weights of almost infinite greatness...Again, instruments might be made for walking in the sea, or in rivers, even to the very bottom...bridges might cross rivers without pier or prop.”


In health matters, medical knowledge was based largely on astrology, herbology, religion, philosophy, hearsay and desperation. A priest at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital at the end of the 14th century—John Mirfield—recommended the following procedure:

“Take the name of the patient, the name of the messenger sent to summon you, and the name of the day on which the messenger first came to you. Join all their letters together. If an even number result, the patient will not escape. If the number be odd, he will recover.”

They believed the entire universe was made up of four elements: fire, water, earth and air, which were mirrored in the four basic humors of the body: choler, phlegm, black bile and blood. Sometimes doctors did not actually see their patients, basing their diagnosis on the position of the stars, the colour and smell of the patient’s urine and the taste of his blood.

Magic was tolerated, even encouraged. One of my villains, Morwenna, has as many sickly customers from the village for her hexes and spells as the heroine, Rhonwen, a healer known for her skill with herbs, salves and potions.

Magic was one thing. Heretical magic was another. In 1324, an Irish gentlewoman, Dame Alice Kyteler, and her companions, were accused of renouncing Christ, making sacrifices of living chickens to demons, cursing their husbands and creating unguents from the intestines of the chickens. They had, it was claimed, boiled these intestines with worms, dead men’s nails, various herbs and the garments of unbaptized dead children in the skull of a beheaded thief.

Unfortunately for the “heretics” these claims were made in Ireland. Had they been made in England, they would probably have been hung. As it was, Alice and her companions were burned alive.

As Ian Mortimer states in his book, The Time Traveler’s Guide to Medieval England, “the past is a foreign country”.

Or is it?

There are at least two sites in the world today that still claim to be the repository of the skull of John the Baptist. Where is Anderson Cooper when you need him! Do you shudder a little when you see a mass migration of crows? Seen “The Birds” recently? Maybe I should ease off the husband cursing for a while! And flying machines? Don’t make me laugh!

Did someone say Feng Shui?

Spring Fling Free Par-Tay
May 7th – 9th!
Celebrate the coming of Spring!!!
What can be better than great books at a great price?
How about "Dozens" of Great books that are FREE! 


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"What's up with the Indie Book Collective?"

Today I want to welcome one of my favorite authors to Believe! She writes stories than make me forget about the housework, gardening and even my own writing. I get carried away by her increbile skills in drawing me into a world of Zombies! Really - I kid you not - Zombies!!!

  I recently had another author ask me what was so special about the Indie Book Collective, “They aren’t really that helpful are they?” was how the question was worded. The real problem with that question, (other than being somewhat full of themselves) is where do I start? The information the IBC gives? The support? How about the tireless efforts to help authors of all genres reach the heights of the top 100 paid in Amazon? (Which they have done numerous times)

But, let me go back to the beginning. I quite literally stumbled upon the Indie Book Collective in December 2011, as they were preparing for an event. Checking out the site, I could immediately see the professionalism and organization that I soon came to equate with any IBC program. So, I signed up for my first event and with that sign up, I was put into a web conference with Carolyn McCray. She went over our cover art, explaining in detail why certain covers worked, and why some didn’t.

Mine didn’t. In fact, I had to go back to the drawing board completely. Some people couldn’t understand why I was so willing to make a change. I’ve always felt that in order to be successful in a business, you make sure to surround yourself with successful people in that industry. Carolyn had the knowledge, experience and sales to back up her concerns when it came to my cover art.

As soon as my cover art was changed, my sales jumped by 800%. Yup, that was not an extra zero that my editor missed. Eight hundred percent. In one month I went from an author who wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to make it in this new industry, to an author who saw that making it was more than possible. It was happening.

Then came February. My first Free Partay. I was nervous about it, scared that by pulling my books from Smashwords in order to be a part of the KDP Select program and thus be eligible for the Free Partay, that I was putting all my eggs into one basket. Again, working with Carolyn and her absolute genius, we (there were a number of authors in this event) rode the wave of the Free Partay. Right into the bank. My sales, as in the money I made on my books after being free, multiplied by over 2500% by the end of February. Again, not extra zeros; two thousand five hundred percent. My ranking went from somewhere in the 30k to consistently being well under the 5k mark.

So, while I know that for many people, money is not what their writing is about, for me the writing I do is going to soon completely eliminate my day job. It’s looking like by the end of the summer, I’ll be able to do just that. Will I be a millionaire? No, I’ll be the equivalent of a mid-list author, making enough money to pay the bills. And I know for a fact that this would not be possible without Carolyn, the IBC, and all the staff and volunteers within the organization.

Spring Fling Free Par-Tay
May 7th – 9th!
Celebrate the coming of Spring!!!
What can be better than great books at a great price?
How about "Dozens" of Great books that are FREE!
Check out and see which one of Shannon Mayer's books is free at the Par-tay!
Compared to "I am Legend", Sundered will take you into the dark realms of an apocalypse, with a new breed of zombie that will have your heart pounding, your palms sweaty and the pages flying. A Novella with true bite.

A continuation from Sundered that will again shock you with life in an apocalypse with twists, thrills, monsters, and, of course, an undeniable love story.

In this final instalment, be prepared for death to come knocking, as the apocalypse and monsters stretch the bonds of love and friendship, demanding a reckoning of those who are willing to do what they must to survive.