Thursday, December 20, 2012

Write the Darn Book! – Part 9


7. If possible, either join in with a promoting group like mine - IBC (Indie Book Collective), or start one yourself so that it isn't just you pushing your own work.


Have you ever heard of people spamming on twitter and facebook? I have. And I've taken it to mean that it refers to those who constantly "go-on" about their own books.


Now it's true we all have to do a certain amount of this type of promotion, and it's acceptable. Especially when we've released a new book or when one of our books goes free. But it can get pretty boring both for the author and the consumer. And I really wonder how many sales can actually be attributed to our constant prompting.


Many have decided to go the route of the Authors Marketing Club. If you haven't heard of them yet, it's one page that shows you a lot of places where you can list your free books for special days. Many have guaranteed listings where you can pay a minimal amount to be sure your books are featured on those days they're free.


Unfortunately, our books are not always free. Therefore we need to find other ways of advertising. There's places like Pixel of Ink, Romance Reviews, Coffee Time, Ereader News Today, Digital Book Today, etcertera and etcetera! I could go on for the whole page. Many of these sites will give you a short boost in sales, but it'll cost you. Some of the longer promotions cost big-time. If you have more than one book you want to push, it can get really expensive.


Personally, I found a group called the Indie Book Collective and started working with them as a constant place to put my budgeted allowance. Twice a month I put one of my eleven books in either their Free Partays or their Kick Ass Blowouts. Going back to March when I first started I have watched my books slowly take off, and little by little, climb the Amazon rankings. (email me at if you're interested in joining this group. Necessary restrictions – a fairly decent backlist, all books must be listed with the KDP select program on Amazon and your covers will need to pass a strict review.)


Finally this month it paid off. I watched with delight as my newest release Lovable Christmas Angel took off and reached the highest point in my career of #302 before it slowly began to fall and then thankfully leveled off at around the #1,200 mark. 


Never before have I ever experienced this type of success, and since this one book has excelled, so have my others in the Angel series. It's fantastic. And I know I owe it all to being in a group with others who have reached their success much earlier than myself. It's their attraction that brings the readers who have now begun to recognize my name, accept my work and follow me. Soon, I have no doubt, I'll be one of those on a multitude of lists of the top 100 Best Sellers like so many of my Partay associates (I just looked at the list and today I'm showing on one - #73 in Fantasy & Futuristic - so cool!!)


I remember back in the days when I worked so very hard to publicize on my own. I found it difficult and disappointing. My advice to you is to try and find your own niche to join. There's many groups on Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon forums or the Indie Loops. Other authors that want to do free book adverts or giveaway promos, blog hops and book parties, etc. If you can't find a group you like, start your own. They might be a bit of work and time consuming but working this way is relatively cheap or better yet - free. Once you set up events, the magic will last for a few days and during this time the more people who choose your book, the more reviews you will gather and the more people will download you next time because of those reviews, and…and…


Slowly but surely, if you keep plugging, maintain some type of a steady exposure and continue to write kick-ass books, you'll be on that blasted beautiful best-selling list also. Now just to stay on it......sssssigh!!!! 


Dec 19th & 20th Christmas Runaway is free.

A sweet romance for young and old, with all the elements of a warm and delightful short Christmas tale.

While driving home in a vicious storm, Sara's white Samoyed becomes agitated and forces Sara to pull over too quickly, which lands the car in the ditch. As soon as she opens the door, the dog takes off into the bush and forces her to follow the tracks that lead to a runaway teen, injured and terrified. When Sara battles the storm outside to try and call for help, an anxious father braving the weather to find his daughter also goes off the road in order not to hit her. Is he a bit furious? Uh huh…  
Coming Soon!!!



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