Friday, December 21, 2012

Promoting can be fun!!??


Like everyone else in this book-selling business, I've taken on the added mantel of being a promoter kicking and screaming all the way. I mean... I write books. Love stories. Beautiful romances. Let's face it! There's a huge distance between writing great sex scenes to "Buy my Book" prompts.

But like we all know, or those of us who desire to actually sell our work, that no one else will do these prompts for us. If we want readers to know we have a wonderful story, one they must read, then it's up to us to get their attention and tell them so.

I guess there's more ways to do this than I want to go into right now but if you've followed my blog at all, you'll know that I most often promote my work with a group called The Indie Book Collective (IBC) who puts on the Free Partays. They're a fantastic bunch of authors, supportive, kind and very gifted. And I've had wonderful luck with them.

So when I was approached to join in with another small group of fantastic facebook and Triberr friends, I did hesitate before saying sure. But after some soul-searching, I happily agreed because one thing I do know and that is the more experiences I can gather about promotions, the more I'll learn about what others are doing and what works or doesn't. This bunch of enthusiastic authors were going to get together to put all their books free, and as a cohesive group, through Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter, we would get the word out.

I'm anxious to see just how this all pans out. I've enjoyed the camaraderie throughout the process and Kirkus MacGowan, our leader, has been super about the details and giving all the help necessary to be sure we're all on board.

So far it's been a blast!!!

You might say… AJubilee!!



My addition to the 12 free books for this promotion is Partners, Book #1 of the Vegas Series.
A short story introduction to the characters in the full-length sequel "Roll the Dice"
This book is Free for Dec 21st & Dec 22nd



When attractive Las Vegas detective Aurora Morelli makes a friend, she takes the relationship very seriously…and if anyone hurts that person, they’re going down! While Aurora may be slim and dainty on the outside, she has the heart of a lion, and when angry, the manners of a she-cat. The sick schmuck who dared attack her partner is now her prime target, and nothing or no one will stand in her way—except maybe her new partner who arrives in town seeking vengeance on the same culprit.
Kai Lawson, a Bruce Willis lookalike, annoys her. From the very beginning, nothing seems to go right between the two of them, leaving Aurora to question if they should even be working together—especially after he shoots her—and not accidentally! Constant screw-ups on the job and the undeniable attraction building between them makes reaching her goal seem almost insurmountable…almost!
You can find all these books on one Jubilee Website!!!



  1. Thank you so much for the kind words, and thank you even more for sharing the Freebie Jubilee event on your blog!

    It really has been a blast so far. :)

    Off to go ride the literary waves now!

  2. Yay! Happy Event Day! Thanks for being a part of this awesome event :)

  3. The party is now rolling! Thrilled to be a part of it!

  4. Honored to be in such great company! Glad you could be a part of it Mimi

  5. Thanks for all your comments - this is such fun!!!