Monday, November 19, 2012

Write the Darn Book! – Part #3


#1 – Write the darn book. And make it your best work.

We will start with this suggestion because if you don’t learn anything from the subsequent points, this one will ensure you some measure of success.

An author has to have confidence in his/her work in order to market it to others in the same way that you’d have to feel good about any product you’re sticking your neck out to sell.  And that’s what Indie Publishing is all about. It’s you and the book against millions of others in the same exact position. When you have that kind of competition, you better know that your product is as good, if not better than anyone else’s in your particular genre.

Now you might think I’m talking about the big names like Nora Roberts or James Patterson, but I’m not…not really. Even though they sell their books on Amazon the same way the Indie authors do, they’re in a different class. They charge a lot more for their work, have a huge following that are faithful, and don’t worry too much about us undiscovered.

It’s you against others like you who are willing to charge small prices in order to get their work out to as many people as possible. And many have found by past experience lower prices are one of the best ways to do so. When Amazon first releases your book, it’s shown as a new release and this is the first place for your book to catch the reader’s interest. This is where point #5 comes into play. Get the best damn cover on your work as possible. (More about that down the road!)

Many authors have done statistics on what genre is selling best and that’s the type of book they’ve choose to write. Not saying it’s the way to go, but if you don’t have a specific story in mind, it’s a good idea. Why not hedge your bets?

I didn’t. I wrote the stories of my heart and I’ve had to really push them to make any kind of headway whatsoever. In fact I wrote five for the Vicarage Bench series and three for the Angel series, and after banging my head against the wall of— nnah? nnah? (Disinterest in the majority of readers) I finally broke down and wrote the books I knew would be more successful.

Darned if I wasn’t right!!??  (wished I really looked like that!!) The Vegas series – Partners and Roll the Dice have met my expectations and are slowly garnering a small level of success. I have great hope that with the release of High Stakes Gamble in the New Year, that this will help the series to yet more prosperity.  (Fingers held in prayer-like position...) 

Of course with Amazon’s small contribution ahem!J


 Note: November 20 & 21st I will be enjoying the visit of a lovely author, Anna Markland, but will start back into this series “Write the Darn Book” on November 22nd with Part #4.






  1. A friend of mine emailed me today to tell me about a debate he heard on PBS where an arty anti-censorship advocate made the comment that real artists don't take the audience into account. To quote him: "I damn near fell out of my chair. I thought Shakespeare. End of argument." LOL!