Thursday, October 11, 2012

Passed the 30,000 mark and got a cover!


My new book in the Angels with Attitudes series has a title now and even a gorgeous cover. “Lovable Christmas Angel” seemed to fit the storyline so perfectly that I had little choice.

I’m slowly winding to the climax and so ‘into’ the story that it’s hard to stop writing and get anything else done. For instance...

While putting the clothes into the washer yesterday, I plotted the whole section where our heroine, Leilani, overhears the hero, Kale, tell his hotel manager that wants her kept away from him. That she’s needy and takes advantage, and he’s tired of it. The plot thickened then let me tell you.
Needless to say, the laundry didn’t get moved into the dryer due to an author’s mind not being on her chores. Ahhh…truth is, they had to be re-washed today. (Which reminds me; I’d better go and transfer them to the dryer now!)

Earlier, while digging a bunch of seaweed into the garden, I totally figured out a way for the heroine’s little cousin, Mano, to be kidnapped in the dead of night, making it possible for Leilani to come to his rescue. Then maybe he'll finally accept that she truly loves him and wants to be his guardian.

The easiest character to write...through all the good times and the the angel called Pi. He's stolen my heart with his kind old ways as he works his Christmas magic.

This book has been a real challenge so far. Trying to keep the story in the spirit of the season, yet tell a powerful tale with ups and downs hasn’t been easy.  Yet I truly think that what I’ve managed to create will please you…the reader. Since it’ll be released near the beginning of November – we're not sure of the exact date yet – we’ll soon be able to leave that decision up to you.
***Tomorrow His Devious Angel - the second in the "Angels with Attitudes" series will be featured in the Indie Book Blowout where all the books are available for 99 cents.