Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Only 13 days left!


So far – 15,525 words (Start date Sept. 28th)
Only 13 days left in my deadline for my Christmas book, and I'm working according to schedule. Which is at the very least - 2,000 words each day.
For me that is approximately 2 chapters. And since I tend to plot by chapters, it works just fine.
When I say that I plot, it's not exactly the way most people plot. I lay in bed each morning, and sometimes at night (...sigh) and I decide which direction I need to go next to get to the goals I've given each character. Once in a while, as I continue, I realize I've missed something vital and have to go back to work in one more scene, but that's fine. Mostly, it's because it's vital for another character's POV to be available. And sometimes to set up a conflict I didn't even know would happen, until something in the story came to light, and new ideas blossomed.
Don't you just love when that happens? When the book takes you to a place you hadn't known you'd be visiting when you started. For me, that's the magic of imagination and the fun of being a creator.

Winner of the Review Contest.
4.0 out of 5 stars Hot & Sexy, September 25, 2012
This review is from: Roll the Dice (Vegas Series) (Kindle Edition)
Las Vegas detective, Aurora Morelli is one determined woman when it comes to doing her job. She's a romantic person inside her rough exterior. When she meets her new partner Kai Lawson, tensions fills as they fight their attraction. But working together to capture a serial rapist will test both of them. I enjoyed this book very much.
***The review contest for Roll the Dice has finished as of Oct. 1st and the lucky winner of the $50 Amazon Gift Certificate is Queen of Books "Sue". The 18 reviews were wonderful considering there was a problem with my release...the wrong version was loaded for the first week. .. an unedited version. My fault....argrr!
Long story :(

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