Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Do book excerpts hook readers?

"Hot Sassy and Intriguing! What's Not to Like?" ~ Romantchick

"Sparks fly in this Outstanding new series!" ~Lorhainne Eckhart

"Another winner from Mimi Barbour" ~Booklover 1960

"This is an excellent introduction to Ms. Barbour's new novel, Roll
the Dice
." ~
By Hendrik Whitmans


Does an excerpt really help a reader decide if this is a book he/she wants to read? Myself, I find I'm rather too busy to stop and read every one I run across. But every once in a while, a word here, or a phrase there catches me. As we say in the business, it hooks me. Almost invariably, if my interest has been wetted, I will follow the book to it's Amazon page and check out the sample read there. Fives times out of ten, I buy it!


So taking that concept to heart, I've decided to give you an excerpt from my newly released, romantic suspense short story called "Partners". Since this is my first foray into this genre, I hope you all agree I've done it well.


Back page blurb:
Suspenseful and fast-paced, this short story will introduce you to Aurora Morelli and Kai Lawson; the characters who star in the full-length sequel "Roll the Dice" (to be released September 15, 2012). Forced to take on a new partner, after a serial rapist attacks her former one, annoys Aurora big time. Especially when he's the kind of hotshot she normally stays as far away from as possible. But, because they both want this man more than anything else, they ignore the irritating explosions they set off from one another. And finding this slimeball becomes their ultimate goal.  



The night Rhondo had attacked her partner, Aurora had shown up early with food for their "junk and drunk" girl’s night—eating junk and getting drunk. Something they did whenever they broke a case.

Only that night, as Aurora remembered, she’d felt sickly, with a pounding headache that began as soon as she’d pulled into the parking lot, gathered the stuff from the car and headed towards the apartment. Then, while approaching the door juggling an aromatic pizza box, bags of chips and Cookies and Cream ice cream, and two bottles of wine she’d heard a loud thud and a blood-curdling scream coming from inside Debbie’s suite.

As if someone opened a trap door, her stomach plunged while her heart pounded out a rhythm of choking fear that nearly had her paralyzed. Only her training kicked in as she threw the food away and pulled out her purse gun. Without hesitation, she shot the lock and busted in.

What she saw made her pulse ramp up even higher as rage like she’d never known filled her and tuned her into a killer. Her eyes like lasers, scanned the room to see Debbie, bleeding, partially naked, clothes ripped and hanging, laying on the floor sobbing. The half-dressed male, who looked like he’d escaped from some scudsy Elvis wedding chapel, hovered over the writhing body of her friend, using her for cover. Yanking up his pants, he shot at Aurora to give himself some time.

And he laughed—no he giggled like some kind of a freakish maniac. He took another shot, and as she dove for cover, he fled out the open window and down the ancient fire escape.

Aurora ran to Debbie’s side and found her rolled into a fetus-like position, knees curled together almost under her chin and her arms clamped around them.

“Dear Lord, Deb. I’m so sorry I wasn’t earlier. I—” Aurora felt the guilt gorging huge chunks from her soul.

“I’m fine.” Deb choked on the words as saliva ran over her chin to mix with the waterfall of tears. Smudged mascara highlighted bruises that had formed around cuts and scrapes. Her lipstick, a parody of color, was now smeared over her cheeks and on her chin which gave her a grotesque look of a woman who’d been through hell.
“Go after him, Aurora. Get the son-of-a-bitch. Get him. He hurt me.” The last words were screamed out between sobs and they galvanized Aurora into action.

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