Sunday, September 30, 2012

15 Days to write a Christmas book - Wanna join in the fun?

Big announcement!!! I've started a new book.

Okay, since I am an author and writing books is what I do, you're probably shaking your head and saying…. yeah?


Well the reason I think it's historic, even monumental is because I have to finish this book by October the 15th, and I only started it three days ago. Mind you, I have thought that maybe I'd aim for a novella rather than a full-length, but then again, who knows.

Truthfully, I'll admit to having thought a lot about the book before I started. Written notes amount to about a half a page of scribbles. I do have the character's names planned, and that's about it for my plotting their backgrounds. I'll admit to seeing them clearly in my imagination though, and I suppose that's something. Guess you'd call me a super-duper pantzer.

You think?

The fact that it's a Christmas tale will make all the difference. I love, not just like, but LOVE writing holiday books. I know I can go all romantic and soft because that's the perfect season for this type of story. And I do soft and romantic really well. Throw in an angel, and happy days are here again! I'm in my element.

Oh, and did I mention that the setting of the story will take place in Waikiki where I spent a brilliant week in May? It'll be a pleasure putting myself back there for the next 15 days. 

How about you? Will you be writing a holiday romance this year? Anyone want to take on a project with me...15 days of fun and sore fingers? Let me know, and we can keep each other focused. The more the merrier.

*** By the way...I've just put She's Me and He's Her free for the next 4 days, so please, treat yourself to a copy. Just click on their covers which will take you straight to their amazon pages.


  1. Hello.
    I don't plan to write a book, but I am working on completing a holiday short story in 15 days. Does this count? If so, I'm in with you. Thanks.

  2. Of course it counts. My twitter handle is @MimiBarbour if you give me yours we can connect each day ro see where we stand. It'll be fun!
    And if anyone else is tempted to join in, let me know here, and then we'll connect on twitter...we can support each other after they books are released. Maybe even read and review each other's work? Whaddayasay?? Are you in?

  3. I'm in Mimi. My Twitter handle is @rekayagibson. Thank you.