Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The release of "10 Nights".

Just a note to welcome a pal and a wonderful author, Michelle Hughes, and her co-author, Karl Jones, to my blog. I'd like to congratulate them on the release of their new book.



Tears of Crimson Books is excited to announce the debut of 10 Nights, by Michelle Hughes and Karl Jones.  This full length book (103,000 words) will be available for all e-readers and in paperback on September 1, 2012.   Readers who enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey or Bared to you will truly enjoy 10 Nights. 

The story revolves around a college student, Leah, who has just finished her studies after dedicating the last four years of her life to pursuing her academic goals.  Leah had no time for a relationship, or the inclination, until she meets Rhett Hammond.  Introduced to him at a 'coming out' party for her best friend Janie, her world is turned upside down when she is introduced into the world of BDSM.

Rhett is a complete alpha male and gives Leah an outrageous challenge:  "Give me ten nights, and I'll show you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams."  The ten nights he offers her encompass the most popular fantasies women have (according to several polls).

From virgin to courtesan in ten nights, it was a challenge that would explore the sexuality that she had hidden from her entire life.  Could a woman with no sexual experience survive the world of Dominant male who demanded nothing less than complete surrender? 

Michelle Hughes is the bestselling author of the Tears of Crimson vampire series.  Karl Jones is the bestselling author of the thriller, Shattered.  The authors wanted to give a realistic background from both the female and male perspective concerning passion, and this is their first project together.  Hughes is from Alabama and Jones from the UK.
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