Thursday, August 2, 2012

Part 1 - Facts from the RWA Convention!


It's been wayyy too long since I put a blog out, and for that, I will apologize. Truth is - I went to the RWA Convention in Anaheim and totally got lost in the world of workshops, networking and having fun. Let go of all my obligations for a few days. How sweet it is!!

Then at the airport on the way home, I wrote a really lovely blog about my delight with the world (I was still tripping over the sensations I felt while hobnobbing amongst my peers), and darned if my %#@#!#@ computer didn't run out of battery. I hadn't saved the work but wasn't too worried as I thought it would be saved automatically…uummm no!

So I pouted and ignored the guilty voice blabbering in my ear that I needed to write it again. I held off for a few days (mainly because I was visiting my folks, and we were so busy)…but it's really starting to get to me, so time to get my ahh sh-tuff together.

I had planned to tell you how wonderful the four days of convention were. The incredible workshops available detailed such things as craft, writer's life, research, publishing and career. Speakers such as Nora Roberts, Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Jayne Ann Krentz amused and taught us from their personal experiences getting on the Best Sellers Lists. Goodread's, Patrick Brown, and Smashword's, Mark Coker, kept my marketing brain completely enthralled. It was heaven for an author like me whose capacity to learn new things seems never-ending. I loved it all.

But I do admit to feeling that specific information would be more helpful to me in my career, and hopefully to you…so I will share what I learned over the next little while.

Fact  #1. (From Jayne Ann Krentz) – never sign away your birth name. I took that to mean that if you use your real name, never sign a contract that gives a publisher the rights to everything you write. Cause if you do, one day you'll have to write under a pseudonym.  Good advice!!

It's that time again!!!

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  1. Glad you had fun, Mimi! There's something amazing about being with other people who completely understand what you say and what you do, lol.

    JAK's advice makes a lot of sense. Giving a publisher the right to even first refusal to your future work can be a career killer.

  2. Hi Kenra,
    You are so right...the first time I went to a convention, I stopped lurking about my status as an author and came out of the proverbial closet. I'd written a book and admitted it. By the time I left, I walked proud and faced everyone I knew back home with my news. I have written a book and it will be published....ahhh maybe. And it was. That's 10 books ago and this convention, I took part with a whole new attitude. Felt swell!!
    Jane's advice is so important. I do write under my own name and would hate to never be able to use it again because of a contract that seemed too good to be true at the the time I'd signed it.
    Take care and thanks for your comment.