Monday, July 16, 2012

Today’s realistic world of the unreal!

His Devious Angel is having some fuin today...

The Romance Reviews

This is an innovative kind of promotion for me, and one that I hope that everyone enjoys becoming involved in. After all, they say there are over 400 prizes to be won.

I know when I’m not in the middle of a huge promotion, or when all my energy isn’t tied into my newest WIP, I really enjoy taking part in these types of fun. To check out what the competition has created and see the fresh array of incredible books available to the voracious hunger of our wonderful readers.

I’m always amazed at the creativity found inside many these covers - the varied fiction tales others have dreamt up. Then I have to wonder if there are any stories left to be told. Haven’t they all been done yet?

I guess if you look at the basic themes, then yes - they have.

But change the writer and the whole story changes….new settings, new characters, and best of all a fresh voice that sets apart each one. And there are so many fresh voices wanting, needing - praying to be read.

No wonder we keep on producing different material. I know as a hungry reader, I appreciate having such a wide array of choice.

Also, there’re the diverse genres that were never before seen due to the (traditional) publishers ruling. Nowadays, we can find so many original authors to follow and delve into worlds previously held back.

Still - it is rather amazing when you think of it. Today’s realistic world of the unreal!


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