Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Angels - our universal link!

There is a universal link between us all, and that is our power to Believe!

In every book I’ve written, I try to be very careful not to preach. But since I’m in the position to reach so many people, I find myself writing underlying messages. They are there because I want the reader to feel not only entertained, but maybe that they’ve gained some precious gem of knowledge that my character has found in her path to gain love.

It seems to me if the reader is really glad they’ve spent the time with my story, they’ll come away just a little happier. That the angel who I feel has guided me along this road will be satisfied with my efforts to get her word out there.

I feel so humble knowing that with the vast amount of competition from so many wonderful authors, there are those who have chosen to read my work. I guess I don’t put much faith in muses in the ordinary sense, I’ve always known that writing is a job and it’s hard work so therefore a writer just needs to get on with it. But I do believe in the power of positive thinking—especially if wings are attached to that energy. I guess I’ve always known I have a guardian Angel pushing me onwards.

I hope you know you have one also...


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