Sunday, June 10, 2012

Holidays for a writer???


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My apologies for not blogging for a while...see explanation below!!


I’m writing this blog to the many people who work from their homes and cannot unplug the computer no matter what. As a busy author, I know the trials of trying to carry on an ordinary life and still complete the hundreds or so little tasks that are always tapping on my back for attention.

I’ve just returned from a trip to face hundreds of e-mails (many of which I’ll just delete but others that need attention), a huge amount of work that I put off before I left, and a guilt that’s ridden my backside since I tried to shut off the valve to my conscience.

I began to wonder if everyone feels this way about leaving their workload to visit family and friends. I mean, when I went to Hawaii a while back, I stayed in a hotel that had WIFI and my precious laptop of course accompanied me to be used during the late hours and early mornings. Therefore, not only did I have a blast, I kept up with the important stuff and didn’t feel as if I’d let myself down.

But the last trip to see my folks was different. They have no computer. Don’t have a clue what WIFI stands for and really didn’t understand why I had to go to the library most days to check my mail. In fact, I believe they rather frowned on my compulsion and I heard them whispering the words hooked and obsessive.

Not true!!

Nowadays, a working author has to have so many balls in the air at one time, that when one drops the others end up who knows where. Then it’s a pain to have to scurry around to gather them back up, flip them in the air and get the rhythm flowing again.

But…having whinged and whined in the previous paragraphs I must add the most important fact. Letting go for a while gives one a healthy dose of reality. So what if the book drops in ranking a bit and does it really matter if the daily word count gets missed for a couple of weeks? Will the world fall apart if the cover editor has to wait a few days or the many e-mails don’t get deleted the day they come in? As hard as it may seem to take a well-deserved break, it is important. Not only to you but to the family who loves you.

Then once you’re back home and working day and night to catch up, well….then you can bitch!!

Okay - I feel so much better now. Back to work!!


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