Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pay nothing for books from Amazon??


Does it work to put your book for free on Amazon? Is it a good idea to belong to a group when your book goes free?

This is what happened to me. In March I joined the Indie Book Collective Lucky Days Free Par-tay along with many other authors. One of the requirements to be involved in this promotion was that I had to put my book "My Cheeky Angel" into the Select program on Amazon. In this way I could manage my promotion for those exact days.

IBC is the brainchild of best-selling author Carolyn McCray.  She is brilliant at what she does…and that is to guide the group through all the steps we needed to take in order to have a successful par-tay. She explained these steps in a series of Webinars where she gave us advice on our categories and covers, how to set up our book descriptions on Amazon and the best way to present the inner workings of our book like reviews, advertising our other work, etc. both in the front matter and the back.

Before the par-tay in March started, My Cheeky Angel was ranking around #240,500. Once she explained how to set my categories properly, within a few days the book had dropped to #140,000. I was shocked, and right then I decided I had made a good choice to be involved with this group. As the days drew closer, her committee of hard-working, very dedicated people had all of us busy setting up cross-promotion for the others in the par-tay and social media blurbs for twitter and facebook, etc.

On the big day, we all came free, and the website she'd designed came live. I watched in amazement as the downloads for my book went crazy. It was fantastic. Then the ranking dropped and on my best day I hit #552 in the free books and was #1 in two different categories and #2 in another. I walked around in shock for days…nothing I could do for myself would have ever gotten me these numbers. And I knew it!

*Amazon does allow for the free downloads to affect the ranking once your book is off the free slot, but not on a one to one basis. It's changing all the time, and the last I'd heard (just a supposition mind you) that every 50 free downloads would be the same a one book sold.*

Once the Par-tay ended I waited with bated breath to see what would occur. And I'm happy to say that the book levelled off for quite some time at around the #5,000 mark and then sadly, it began to climb back up. The last I looked, it was approximately #53,000.

But…I'm ecstatic to say that I'm now involved in the next par-tay which is happening in two days. Can't wait to see what ensues with my new release "His Devious Angel" which is the second in the Angels with Attitudes series. The first novella of my Vicarage Bench Series, "She's Me" will be available also. 


I'll report back on what happens as far as the numbers go…but right now She's Me is ranking at #117,244 and Devious Angel is sitting at #82,810. If you're interested to track it with me, you can watch each day of the par-tay and see for yourself what a difference it'll make.

p.s. Crossed fingers, good wishes and prayers are all gratefully accepted.
Better the book!
xo Mimi


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  1. Congratulations - I hear great things about IBC! I hope you hit #1!

  2. I was wondering how it went...thanks for the report! I joined IBC, but then...nothing happened? How does one get more involved?
    Toby Neal

  3. Thanks Nancy...believe do I!

  4. Toby,
    I can connect you if you'd like. I'll e-mail you when I get back home. On holidys right Waikiki! Go figure! Love this place!

  5. Fingers and toes crossed for good numbers Mimi. Best of luck.

  6. I am so glad I read this. My book won't be ready for release until Sept/Oct, but I'll sure check into this when it's ready.

  7. Thanks Jo-Ann...I need all the crossed fingers I can get! xo

  8. Hi Kim,
    I'm not sure I'd wait until your book is ready for release, maybe check into the group now...find the IBC on Goodreads and start signing up for their free webinars to begin with!

  9. GREAT article on what happened with your book, My Cheeky Angel, Mimi! VERY intersting!! I don't like the part where when it reaches 1 free book = every 50,000 clicks! That stinks!
    I'd LOVE to follow your success, especially with this New Release!
    Your article was VERY interesting! Thanks for sharing with us your ups and downs about it!!!
    Laurie Carlson

  10. Gee, I was SO blown away by your experience with your book that I forgot to tell you:
    Good luck with it!!!
    Laurie Carlson

  11. I got ALL caught up in the excitement about how My Cheeky Angel went up SO high in the ratings on Amazon that I forgot one VERY IMPORTANT thing!
    I KNOW you will do great!!!
    Cyber hugs!!!
    Laurie Carlson

  12. Awww!! Thanks Laurie. So great to hear from you. Such a special lady! xo