Monday, May 21, 2012

Novel Seniors! IBC's new site to check out!


Fill your e-readers with...

Wonderful books from different genres!

Welcome to Indie Book Collective's amazing new program: Novel Seniors! We are excited to offer free ebooks to you, our most cherished readers.

At least once a month we will donate free, yes we said FREE ebooks through to seniors that are signed up for our newsletter.

And not just one book!! Heck no! If you claim your book within the first hour we may send you another... and another, and another.

Every book you claim within the first hour of the giveaway will also give you 5 more chances to win a $25 gift card AND 5 chances to win our grand prize a KINDLE!

***When I first saw that the Indie Book Collective had organized this monthly event, I felt really proud to be associated with the group. Let's face it it - today money is tight, especially for our seniors. They need all the help possible to be able to read books they love and get them free. I gladly signed up for the first promotion and know that many other authors will be willing to do the same. I do realize there are always free books available on Amazon, but by signing up for the newsletter the book choice comes to boring search is involved. Just a click of a button and the books are delivered. So easy!

So if your mom or dad, grandmother or grandfather, old friend or neighbour is an avid reader and never seems to have enough to read, tell them about the Novel Senior site and let him or her sign up before June 1st.


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