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"A Night at Tears of Crimson" author Michelle Hughes


I have the pleasure to introduce you to a new friend of mine that I met at the recent Spring Fling Partay. Her name is Michelle Hughes and she writes books that will make you sit up and take notice. Her latest "A Night at Tears of Crimson" is a great read for anyone who likes book with vampires and great writing!

Thanks so much Mimi for letting me come over to your blog and talk a little about myself.

What made you decide to become a writer?

I'm not sure if I decided to become a writer or if all the dreams I had inside of myself decided for me.  I have been writing short stories since I was young girl and after a twelve year career as a singer/songwriter had ended I needed some way to fulfill my need to entertainer while still keeping close to home.  A Night at Tears of Crimson was my first real attempt at putting together a book that I could share with the public.

Being on a stage performing must be different than writing for an audience that you don't see.  Tell us how these two entertainment venues have changed your style.

Surprising enough they aren't that different.  In my singing days I would lose myself in the songs and forget the crowd.  With writing, it's just about being able to lose yourself without the added distraction of people cheering while you do it.  The instant gratification I found in applause is now found with a great book review.  I have to say the negative reviews are a bit of a blow to my ego though.  In the music world I wasn't subjected to the negatives.

Why Vampires? I've noticed you have another book out besides the two paranormal romances and are you leaning toward that direction now?

Tears of Crimson is actually from reoccurring dreams I've had since I was young teenager, so I just say I didn't have a choice when it came to Vampires or not.  As far as my other book, Defying the Sheikh, well it was another dream I had and I felt it needed to be written.  I don't consider myself just a paranormal romance writer.  I love romance, no matter what format it is written in.  Honestly I'm just going to keep writing what I dream about.  I feel like if it fills my dreams then it must be something that other people have at least thought about.

I've noticed you do many book reviews and even created a site for new authors to debut their books, tell me about that?

I love to read, even though these days it's not as much as I would like.  Writing takes up much of my time and I always worry when I'm working on a project that I'll be influenced by other books.  Until I've cemented out an outline for a book I'm working on, I'll stay clear of other books in the same genre I'm writing in.  Thankfully I have a strong love of most romances and there are plenty of books I can read that won't touch on my topics.

As far as The Books Debut, I started that site in the hopes that other new authors would have a platform to share their work.   It's a very competitive market out there and getting people to share your new book is not easy.  If you're a new author it's even tougher.  I've had some incredible people jump on board to help with this group and have to say without their help it would just be a dream. 

Your Tears of Crimson Vampire Series recently became a bestseller on Kindle, how did that make you feel?

There is no comparison on how you feel when you finally see your book up there with authors that you've respected for years.  I think the greatest feeling was seeing my book in the Vampire Bestseller rankings with Charlaine Harris.  She's always been one of my favorite writers and I admit I actually took a screen shot to savor the moment. 

The first book in this series was actually published in 2009, so after three years it's been a dream come true seeing it finally get some recognition.

How did you come up with the world of Singe Tsigan?

The first dream I had of Rafe and Cara was actually on this other world.  It was a dream I will never forget because it was so vivid.  During this dream I could actually smell the scent of roses and felt my feet walking down the pebbled path toward his castle.  I have to admit that this dream still haunts me today.  Rafe was standing at the end of a portal and holding his hand out to me, inviting me into his world.  Once I accepted his hand, the dreams grew in intensity and most of the time I feel like I'm just telling the story of what I saw there.

That must have been a very strong impression for you to still remember it after all these years?

I can't even explain how deeply that dream effected me, or still does today.  Some nights it's so real that I find myself unhappy to wake up back in my real life.  All the characters in my book are almost real to me since I've dreamed about them all these years.

So how long will you continue to write about the Tears of Crimson Vampire bar?

Honestly I can't say.  I had thought to end this series with the last book coming out in late 2012, but have since began to rethink that.  As long as the dreams continue, I guess I'll continue to write.  I'm also focusing on a few other books that have been on my mind lately.  So while I will continue to write about Tears of Crimson, you can expect other books that will venture away from the vampire romance as well.

Where can we find out more about what your writing and buy the books you currently have on sale?

All the information about the Tears of Crimson Books are available on my site:   for other books that I'm working on I'll be posting to my author page at  I also spend a lot of time on twitter @MichelleHughes_ and facebook  if you can't find me at one of those places then feel free to email me at !



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  1. Mimi, this is a really great interview. :) Michelle has a lot of things going on right now.