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Amazing final results of Group Promos!

Was Spring Fling Free ParTay and Indie Book Blowout Broke a Success?


You Bet!

Across the board we broke all records.

This was our strongest “across the board” Free ParTay to date

By the end of the SECOND DAY fully 75 % of our 32 titles were UNDER 100 on Amazon’s Free List

AND every one of our titles was UNDER 200 on

Amazon’s Free List

SEVEN Rock Stars

Tasted the sweet air in the


And stayed there throughout the promotion.

AND a total of 19 titles were under 30 on the Free List for all of Free ParTay!

We had a number of genuine rock stars!

Helen Thomas, our first British writer in Free ParTay, rocketed up to #1 on Amazon’s Free list with “Unbreak My Heart “and stayed in the top three spots throughout Free ParTay. Helen was wonderfully surprised and modest at hitting the top spot. Like all of the authors, she credits IBC for her success.

“What a fantastic experience it's been to take part in the Free Par-Tay run by IBC. Everything I learned in Carolyn McCray's informative workshops helped me maximize my promotional efforts. I ended up making #1 in the Kindle store—amazing! But I wouldn't have done it without the tireless support and expertise of IBC. Indie collaboration at its best!"

Thank you for everything. Taking part in the Free Partay has been exciting and an eye-opener. I shall be signing up for the next one with my new book for sure”.

Helen Scott Taylor “Unbreak My Heart

Regina Griffin, author of “Ish” has a remarkable story to tell. Landing in the top 5 from an inauspicious beginning confirms that conclusion.

“The 2012 Spring Fling Free Partay and IBB events were the thrill rides of my lifetime. I cannot find adequate words to account for Carolyn McCray's brilliance and knowledge of what it takes for indie authors to tread the deep, ominous waters of successful book promoting Two weeks before my participation in the Spring Fling event, my book "ISH" was ranked at 690,760. As of Sunday, May 13, 2012 "ISH" had achieved its greatest success since being published in February 2011. My event highlights were hitting #1 on US Amazon's Humor list, Best of all, I got to smell the crisp air in the Top 100 clouds, when my book sprang to its #4 spot ---in less than 48 hours!

 It was a momentous occasion in every aspect! In the end though, the true attribute must be paid to Carolyn McCray, the wizard and brainchild behind an event that cannot be described as anything less than LIFE ALTERING. Hail to the queen”

Regina Griffin, “Ish”

In addition to the top spot on the overall list, many of our authors raced to the top of their genre specific lists.  Katherine  Owen’sWhen I See You”  that was in the top ten for most of the promotion, scored #1 on U.S, Drama. Signe Pike’sNative Water” hit #1 on the Poetry the first day.

Many authors noted with pleasure that their other titles were also getting a boost. Stephanie Bond’s sequel XXX sold 615 copies at $3.99 during the promotion. One of Rita Heron’s other titles, “Here Comes the Bride” sold a whopping 903 books during Free ParTay.

A true success story was Pat Mason, who along with S.J. Byrne are the key volunteers on Free ParTay and IBB. Pat’s new release, “In Deep Shitake” took a number of prizes. In addition to getting into the top five on the Free List and staying there throughout, Pat scored #1 Hot New Release in Mystery Thriller – Women Sleuths and #10 Mystery Thriller How New Release. At one time she was #1 on Movers and Shakers and is still on the list along with Helen Brandon’s “Dunaway’s Crossing” Rita Heron’s “Husband Hunting 101” and Stephanie Bond’s “In Deep Voodoo.”

Pat sums up her feelings about IBC”S Spring ParTay in words we heard echoed again and again.

“Participating in several Free Par-Tays has been transformative. Carolyn McCray's insights and mentoring, and the work of the IBC's amazing staff, allowed me to take my writing career to not just another level, but another dimension. I credit Carolyn McCray with giving me the tools and techniques I needed to put my novels on several kindle genre bestseller lists, thus reaching readers with my work. I'm so grateful to have found this extraordinary group of caring professionals who are so devoted to advancing indie authors”.

Pat Mason “In Deep Shitake”


Are we resting on our laurels? Never! Already we are hard at work planning our next Free Par-Tay and Indie Book Blowout, Summer Sizzle Free ParTay, June 13 -14 followed by Summer Sizzle IBB June 15-16.

As always there is an intrinsic, less “measureable” aspect of our Free ParTay /IBB events. That is the camaraderie, support and commitment we all had to each other’s success. When the great numbers came in, we roared with approval.  When someone started to slip, the gang went into high gear with extra tweets and pats on the back. Not only that, but as a group we “liked” and “tagged” every book in the promotion and many of our authors are hard at work exchanging reviews!

Gerri Russell, author of The Warrior Trainer and one of our valued Team Captains, summed up what she valued most like this:

  • We all have much better traction than we ever could have alone.
  • We raised our profile and our rankings on Amazon both Free and Paid.
  • We sold books!
  • We made friends!
  • And we bettered our careers for the long haul!

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