Sunday, April 29, 2012

Photos of a trip to an African Village!

 I lived in Guinea, West Africa, for two years with my husband, who worked for a mining company in the village of Kamsar. The ex-patriot ladies (maybe 35 or so) went every year to this small village to buy pots to use as planters for flowers, etc. And in my case, to bring back home with me to Canada. Every year as I pull them from the shed, it reminds me of this incredible time.

Yesterday as I was cleaning them in preparation for re-potting, I decided I wanted to share some of these photos with you of the day’s fun. As you can see by the clothes that the villagers are wearing, they consider it a festivity to have visitors to their small home and they make it into a celebration of sorts.

The favourite pastime of the day was having me take pictures of them (with my new digital camera) and then they would rush over to me and look at the photo in the back lens. They thought this magical and couldn’t understand how it worked (not surprising, since neither can I??) After the event, as promised, I made up a bunch of copies and sent them back to the village so they could each have a memento of the day with the Fotays (white ladies).

 I love children and these are so special! 

The young teen boys trying to look "cool!" Typical, eh?

Dinner! Smelled great! Looked yucky!

Mom's are alike everywhere in the world. Except this one was willing for me to adopt her baby and take her back to my home with me so she would have a better life! I was SO shocked and SO tempted.

Young girls with their mama's keeping watch.

Working on one of the pots.

She's either the chief's wife or a very popular woman of the village...ahem!
I never did get that straight.

What we came to buy. The famous pots cooling after being baked.

It’s an experience I’ll never forget and every spring I’m reminded by my beautiful pots.

Coming Soon!  


  1. Great post Mimi. Thanks for sharing such an interesting time in your life. It must be wonderful to touch the pots and remember.

  2. Your photos brought back memories of our trip through Africa. I love all their colorful clothes and they always looked spotless.