Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meet Drea...A brilliant book designer! (Part three)


This is the last day with my guest Drea. Today she will explain what she would need to know in order to work with you. I've enjoyed having her visit and now realize just how much effort an artist puts into her work.


If you would like to discuss having me work for you on a book cover or any art project these are the steps to follow:


1.     Send a description of your project needs to

Please include the following very important factors for me to be able to quote your project:

-the largest size it will ever be printed at (bitmap images can't be enlarged w/out quality loss)

-whether it's black and white or color (or black and white with how many colors?)

-a description of your vision (for example, “I want it to be a red T-rex dinosaur sitting in a tree overlooking the ocean with a fluffy blue cloud on his tail and a little man playing flute standing on the cloud with little yellow music notes coming out that go around the title”) please be as descriptive as possible, vague descriptions (for example: “I don't know what I want but I'm pretty picky, use your imagination”) will be a cause for much higher price rates.

-if you want something clean and simple or complicated and full of detail or something in between.

-Your book Title, Genre and a basic description of what it's about.

-What fonts do you like. (try to name at least 3 or if there is a specific font you want please let me know so I can check the usage rights)

-your project deadline or approximation of and when would you like to start (please be reasonable, sometimes I have several jobs in the works and I want to make sure I have enough time to make them all look incredible).

-an idea of your budget (if you have an offer please state)

-any questions or additional information (Style, composition...etc.)

2.     Within the next few days I will evaluate your description and send you a free quote with some feedback for your project as well as what date I will be able to start your project and direct you to your payment options for us to proceed (Check, Money Order, Western Union, You can even use a credit card thru my Paypal commissions button).

I will need one the procedural one half money down in order to start the project. Other than price negotiations (for example how much will it cost if it is 2 people instead of 5 in the scene?) My consultancy rate is $50 per hour 2 hrs minimum so unless this rate is factored in I will not begin drawing or answer further design questions until the money is received (all checks cleared...etc). If you would like to hire me for an hourly rate to illustrate and develop concepts this can also be negotiated (name your price, we'll talk, it's often much cheaper to do this than to make huge changes in direction further a long the way)

3.     Once I receive the payment I draw some basic sketches of different compositions of your visions from your description. The amount of these sketch I will provide depends on the clarity of or original vision. If you are very clear in your initial project description about the composition you want this really makes this step shorter, If you are unclear it's not a problem you will already have been given and accepted the price quote.

4.     I will email you the drawings and at this point ask you to give me as much feed back as you possibly can. Which composition do you like? Is there anything we should add or take out?

Anything that comes to mind that you wish to see please fill me in at this point.

(please consider if you have paid for little amount of elements and suddenly want to add many more elements that will obviously take many more days to complete I will send you an extra flat fee in order to proceed) Once I receive your feedback depending on your feedback if needed I might send you one more thumbnail before moving to the next step.

5.     Now I will make a draft drawing at the size and with the text (title, author...) placement and fonts we want and send it to you. This drawing is the sketch we will use as the base for the final and is where we can work out all the smaller details and make any final changes. I will send one more draft based on those feedbacks. If the assignment is in color I will then do a quick color version of the draft and send it to you so that we can decide on those, if necessary I will send one more color draft based on the feedback. After this point any further changes to the composition, adding and taking out elements etc. will cost $25 per hour (half the current market rate) added to the total of what's due. Once the drafts are approved by you we can move to your final piece.

The final will begin and is often a lengthy in depth process where I end up observing every pixel in the document to ensure it looks the best quality you can get. I know you will be excited to see how it's coming along so I will be sending you previews as we go a long and if there you see some minor changes you think would really achieve your vision they can be taken care of at no further cost. (Major changes at this point will cost an additional $25 per hour and often will take long to do, highly not recommended). Once you approve the final preview you will be directed toward final payment. Once final payment is received I will send you the full resolution image in the file format of your choice (if you don't know it's a good idea to check your printer/publisher for what is preferred and let me know).

Thank you very much to all the readers and writers out there, am very excited to be back in touch with Mimi Barbour and collaborate the skills we have developed independently over the years. Wishing you all many wonderful inspirations as well as productive energies and prosperity for your works. 2012 has so far been a great exciting year so far for my art career, am looking forward to having you as a part of it.


  1. Great post. Thank you again for giving us so much information on the process.

  2. Thank you (loveindanger) so much for you wonderful comments each day of Drea's visit. It's been a great experience for me see just how hard an artist has to work to produce the best!