Friday, April 27, 2012

Meet Drea...a brilliant book designer! (Part two)

Once again I have the pleasure to introduce you to a lovely, brilliant artist who has agreed to give us some insight into how she comes up with the incredible artwork that I'll be showing on this site.
If you didn't see this page yesterday, then this will be the first time you've met Drea. Trust me, you'll want to go back to yesterday also and meet her on "Day One" of her visit.

Tired of seeing your generic book covers with procedural formula design work that cost a fortune?
Now is your chance to get something at a reasonable market rate that not only blatantly stands out from the crowd and is valued as a collectable piece of art which you will own the rights to.

Steps taken to design “The Becoming” -

Draft #1

Draft #2

Draft #3

Draft #4

Draft #5

Draft #6

Draft #7

TIPS to ensure your book cover is what you envisioned and you feel totally satisfied with the result:
Think about how the content of your book looks like in your head, I used to write a lot myself (before completely emerging myself in visual arts) and found myself seeing a lot of images popping up in my head almost like a movie of some kind. I'm sure many of you can relate to this, and these are the visions which would inspire me to write or draw. You might want to start brainstorming a cover and hire an artist as you are still writing the book that way you don't get frustrated waiting for the illustrations to be done in order to publish your already written book.
Research different styles of art work that you think match these visions you see while you wrote your book. Send those as reference to the artist (either attached files or links) so they know exactly what you are talking about.
Research at all kinds of different fonts not just the ones that everyone else uses. As long as the title is legible to someone who hasn't ever heard about the book or know the title, it will definitely pass even if it's fancy (I will definitely let you know if strangers can't read the font before starting the final).
Take your mind out of the box of “book cover” you may be limiting yourself and your success.
Visual art is as free as your writing is, it's all art and anything can be possible, there is no actual limits just techniques and influences.

Before giving feed back after receiving the first sketches you may want to ask several other people what they think about the design. Ask people you know who have different tastes as well as people in your target market what they think.
They will bring you some new insights on what might help spruce it up, gain interest or make a decision on what composition to choose.
Never know, you might even get some more interested buyers that way too :)
Be honest. If it's taking time for you, or you are having trouble to decide on some changes let the artist know, it's ok to ask questions of designer's professional opinions especially once you've put money down.
If you feel the idea you came up with is really complex and your budget isn't very big you might want to come up with a more simplified version of your idea or if you have time to save money to get all your want it's perfectly OK to get a quote and then let the artist know a later date that you want to start that way you have time to save up.
What it really all comes down to is good planning and good communications.
Your book took you a while to write and it deserves the same for your cover.

Angel Spirit


***Tomorrow I will have the last interview with Drea and show you some more of her amazing works of art.


  1. Great advice on how to dialogue with a cover artist. Thank you for all the tips and sharing your beautiful art.
    Mimi- great post