Monday, April 16, 2012

Book Cover Lovers - a great site!

Today I want to welcome a new friend, Shiela Stewart, who so graciously allowed me to put my book cover on her site within a few days of me asking. Knowing how often we have to wait to be treated to any kind of promotional exposure, I was delighted. So please call on Shiela to blog about your covers also. She's a wonder who should be thanked and supported. 

Mimi has graciously offered her blog to me today so I can tell you about my blog Book Cover Lovers. Thank you Mimi!

For those who don’t know me, my name is Shiela Stewart and I’m a multi-published paranormal romance author.  My favourite is Vampires and Ghosts. There’s nothing like a sexy bad-boy vamp to stir your juices and get your blood pumping. And nothing as terrifying as a ghost out for revenge.  Hmmm, maybe in my next story I’ll have a vampire ghost tormented by the fact that he can no longer suck blood. But I digress.

Book Cover Lovers is one of my babies. I started it in 2008 right after my first book, Kidnapped was released. Being a new author I was blown away with how much an author has to do to promote their work and themselves. At times I felt as if I were being sucked down into a deep dark pit with no way to get out.  Between the interviews, guest blogs, chatting on Yahoo groups and running contests I was expected to come up with the next great novel. Who has the time? I didn’t and I thought there has to be something out there for an author to promote their work that didn’t involve a lot of effort or time. I was doing my umpteenth interview, dragging my butt about getting it done, tired of all the same questions when it hit me. What if I were to just send my book cover, blurb and place to buy and have someone put it up for me and that was it. No comments, no interviews, no fuss no muss. And so Book Cover Lovers was born.

Since opening the metaphorical doors in 2008 I’ve had a steady flow of authors asking to have their book placed on my site. I’ve received plenty of compliments, won a best blog award and have repeat costumers coming back with their new releases. And plenty have suggested Book Cover Lovers to other authors. It certainly keeps me hopping and I couldn’t be happier. Every time an author sends me a request I’m thrilled that they’ve trusted my site to promote their book. Plus, I get to ogle plenty of wonderful covers.

Book Cover Lovers is open to all genres, every heat level, adult, young adult, fiction and non-fiction.  If you have a book to promote, I’ll take it.  One thing I get from most authors is how easy it is to promote their book. All they have to do is fill out a form with their book info, place to purchase, website for author and publisher, genre, rating, cover artist and a short blurb. Then all they have to do is send the form back with your cover and I put it on my site. Voila, instant promotion with little work. Once the book goes live I send out promo to several places including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and so forth. Simple as pie.

Recently I decided to change the design to represent more of the book aspect. But aside from that, little has changed since I opened the doors in 2008. Though there are rarely any comments, the blog gets plenty of views.  If you have a book placed on Book Cover Lovers, and you advertise it on your blog or website and people go to check it out, they’ll see a vast amount of other books. So not only will they check out your cover, but others as well. Every book that is put up on BCL stays up permanently. At this time, having a book cover on Book Cover Lovers is free, though I’ve been asked why I don’t charge. As an author I know how hard it is to find a place to promote a book on a budget. Free is easy on the pocket book. Who doesn’t love that?

So now you know all about Book Cover Lovers. If you’re interested in having your book placed on my blog, contact me at for the form and I’ll be more than happy to put it up for you.
Check out the site and see if it fits your needs.

Thank you again, Mimi, for having me on your blog.


  1. Shiela!
    I so, agree with you. There's so much work involved in promoting one's book. It is exhausting at times. :)
    Your book cover blog is wonderful! I recently had my book cover on your site and I was so impressed by the attractive lay out and design. I still have your pretty banner on my web-site!
    Thank you for giving authors a place where they can promote their books.


  2. I will certainly be getting in contact too Shiela. What a wonderful blog you have! Thank you for helping promote us writers and thank you to Mimi for getting the word out there about you too! :)

  3. I am going to save your contact information. I just received a contract on my first book and will need all the help I can get to promote and market. Your web site is amazing and this is a great help for everyone.

  4. I already emailed you Shiela. This is a wonderful gift!

  5. Shiela,

    I love your site, it's so beautifully laid out. I just emailed you a request for your form.

    Thank for the offer of featuring our books!

    Sophia Knightly

  6. The site is a LOT if not mostly ALL erotica book covers. It's an over 18 site, too. I guess it gets a lot of traffic, but I did look at it and it's not a site my Reader's would like due to the fact of the nature of the erotica books. Just my opinion.

  7. PS. I saw this on Twitter and came over from there. I think I follow Mimi Barbour, just in case you are wondering.

  8. Hi Darcy,
    I am so glad you’re happy with your cover being on my blog. People tell me all the time how much they enjoy checking out the covers and thank me for introducing them to new authors.

    Hi LaVerne
    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Hi LFK,
    Congrats on your first published book! What an exciting time for you. I’m more than happy to give you a hand in promoting your book.

    Hi Calisa,
    Going to check my email now. :)

    Hi Sophia,
    Thank you so much. It recently had a make-over. I’ll be getting a hold of you soon. :)

    Hi Laurie,
    There are a lot of romance novels as well as erotic but there is also non-fiction and horror and mystery. I plan to open a YA kid friendly Book Cover Lovers site in the next few months.

    Thank you everyone who came out and who have chosen my website to help promote your books. It is my pleasure to be able to help out in any way I can. :)

    Thank you Mimi for having me here today and for allowing me to show off my site!

  9. That's a very cool way to be involved and also promote others. Smart lady, and great interview!