Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ya gotta believe in yourself!


Great news to share...I just found out that "Together for Christmas" my favorite book has finalled in the Gayle Wilson Contest. The winner will be announced on April 1st. I'm estatic and scared silly cause the others in my genre are good authors and have wonderful books. Oh well, may the best man win! ....sigh! What else can one say??

When do you become 'good enough'?

Is finalling in a contest justification for an author that his/her writing has finally become “good enough”?

You bet your sweet patooti it is!

I’ve been entered into a lot of contests. Each time I received my submission back with a ranking somewhere in the middle area, even the top,  I’d sigh and read over the various judge’s comments.

One would say there wasn’t enough emotion—the other—too much. The opening needed work, or there wasn’t enough conflict. Hell, I’ve been told in every way possible (usually very nicely) that I just wasn’t ‘good enough’.

With every rejection letter I received from agents and publishers, they would be saying in effect - your work isn’t up to par. Their words would be more along the lines that the genre you’ve chosen to write in isn’t of interest to us at this time. Or…you have too many characters involved, etc, etc.

I knew in my heart, that if I’d written a book no one could refuse, they’d have sent me an acceptance and not a ‘no thank you’. And so I kept plugging along. Filing away stories that no on wanted. Starting new ones with the hope that this would be the one.

Don’t get me wrong. I do love the reviews I get from the readers, and to tell you the truth, they’ve been what’s kept me pounding on the keys every day. As long as someone is enjoying my work, loving my characters and willing to buy my books, then I’ll keep writing.

But…all that aside… there’s something about being recognized by your peers. It feels great. If “Together for Christmas” doesn’t win in the end, fine. Great! I did have a good time pretending, hoping…believing.

And there’s always next year. I have a new book being released very soon for the Angels with Attitudes series called “Cheating Angel” and another on the way for the Vicarage Bench Series called “Together, Always and Forever”. Who’s to say what might happen if I sent one of those books for next year’s contest?

Ya gotta believe…  

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  1. thanks for the chance to win!

    catherine0807 at hotmail dot com

  2. Mimi, what a testament to perseverance. No one who's ever succeeded at writing made it without that, regardless of the talent they brought to the table. Good on you, Mimi. You've already won in my book.

  3. Mimi
    Thanks for sharing that beneath your strong confident and warm exterior is a writer's heart who wonders if she's "good enough". My goodness you are so far beyond "good enough" Mimi. Far far beyond. Congrats on finaling and believing.

  4. Awwww!!! You lovely ladies are making my head swell....and my heart so very happy! Thank you for your kind words and most wonderful support!
    xo Mimi

  5. Just keep writing. Don't despair. You have my vote, so to speak.


  6. Congrats! Just remember that judges are looking for weaknesses, while readers are looking for a good book.

    theangrypollo{ AT }yahoo{DOT }com