Monday, March 5, 2012

Step #6 of author Mimi Barbour's thirteen promotional steps


Great news to share...I just found out that "Together for Christmas" my favorite book has finalled in the Gayle Wilson Contest. The winner will be announced on April 1st. I'm estatic and scared silly cause the others in my genre are good authors and have wonderful books. Oh well, may the best man win! ....sigh! What else can one say?? lol


Step 6. Romance sites – About this time I went crazy looking for as many romance sites as I could find. I signed up for Coffee Time Romance, All Romance, Novel Sisterhood, Love Romance CafĂ©, Rites of Romance Reviews, Authors Den, Book Rix, you name it – I’m there. And I determined that they all have one thing in common. If you don’t interact often, they just won’t be of much help – and sadly, so much to do – so little time!

Once my first book "She's Me" (free today at the Wild Rose Press) was to be published, I started to think about advertising and asked for names of places that would best suit my needs as an author who wanted to get out in front of as many people as possible.  I was told to try Coffee Time because the people there were very helpful, and when you're starting out knowing less than..."ahh nothing", then I needed all the help I could get. Heck, I did't even know what WIP or LOL stood for. Now that's green!

Turned out to be good advice for me at the time. I learned how to write a blog about my book, send my cover art, and find my way through the mind-boggling realms of a romance site. It forced me to come up with a bio and even made me sit down long enough to let my husband take my photo, (yuck) one that I've used over and over again and I suppose should now be updated (probably won't happen!!)

The few dollars I spent getting educated in this way was well worth it. I don't know about you all, but the finer intricacies of getting around the web scared the poop out of me, and by working with those lovely ladies, and having their support and guidance, it made the all the difference.

Eventually, I moved on to some of the other sites as mentioned above. And it got easier and easier to fill in their profiles, upload my books, and sign up for interviews, etc.  But I must thank those gals for taking a newbie under their wing and being so darn nice. 

Some of the sites I listed above also have Yahoo loops where authors can join and interact with others in the profession. Over the yars, I've found out more information than I can ever mention on these loops, and if you're an Indie Author, then by all means go and sign on to Indie Romance Ink or Indie Book Collective. You won't be sorry.

If any of you readers have other suggestions for someone starting out, or that might be helpful for any author or reader, please comment and share. I have to admit, it's been through interacting with friends that I've gotten my best information.

My updated cover - see the old one on the sidebar...what do you think?

I've just signed onto a new promotion for My Cheeky Angel with the Indie Book Collective which will be starting around March 12th to the 20th. It'll be a blast, lots of prizes and free books. If you'd like to participate, go to Free Par-tay and sign up for their newsletter. Also, I will update you more as the time gets closer.

One of the requirements I need for this promo to be successful is more reviews. I have 10 at the present and I need if any of you have a few spare moments to read My Cheeky Angel and write a review, I'll be happy to send you a complimentary copy. Just e-mail me at

** If you'd like to know more about the story, click on the Angels with Attitudes button above and  there's be a back-page blurb and an excerpt available.



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