Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Book Descriptions - Are they Important?


Just recently, I’ve been involved in a promotion called Free Par-tay and I’ve learned some incredibly good ‘sh-tuff!’ Today, I wanted to share just one of these amazingly simple points with you.

Did you ever place a lot of importance on the ‘Book Description’ on Amazon? I mean that’s just where the author slaps the back page blurb isn’t it?


This is the first place the reader will glance to after she/he sees (and loves) the great cover, right? If those first few lines don’t catch their interest, they won’t give it any more time. And if they don’t read it all, it is prime property wasted.

I know I have a short attention span (no comments please!) when it comes to wanting to read oodles of yada yada when a few well-written, high definition sentences would be sufficient.

Writing these snappy phrases takes practise. So why not use the ones someone else has written for you in their reviews? If you work at it and use volatile language to catch the eye, I’d be hooked.

If I’m hooked, I might go and check out the first few pages. And then…



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  1. I love reading back page blurbs. Good ones really catch my imagination.
    The Par tay sounds like great fun.

  2. I hate Amazon's design, the way reviews appear BEFORE the book description. After I've seen the cover, I don't want to know what other peoplethink, I want to know what it's ABOUT. then, maybem if I'm still interested, I'll want to know what other people think. but before I even know if I'M interested, I don't give two figs what anyone else thinks.

    It frustrates me how hard it is to find the book description section on Amazon in amongst all the reviews.

  3. Most of the books I buy are because the description catches my interest. A great cover will catch my attention, but for me the description and excerpt sell the book.

  4. I agree with Kate, readers such as myself pay attention to description and so do the search engines. So I've heard. Personally, I believe it's a combination of; good cover, good description and most of all good writing that sells a book.