Monday, March 26, 2012

Angels - the lot of you! Thanks...

My post today is to thank the wonderful, supportive friends and even strangers (but now friends) who stepped forward during the Free Par-tay in March and offered to have me as a guest on their blog. I'm sure all that coverage helped me and many of the other authors involved in the promotion and led to a lot of people downloading our free books.

I’m continually astounded by the community of great people in this business and their willingness to be supportive in any situation, to answer any question or direct you to someone who can answer and to give encouragement in both the good times and the bad days.

So my angels…from every corner of my heart…thank you.

Toby Neal - Blood Orchids

Shelly Bell - Shelly Bell Author

Lorhainne Eckhart - Illusions

Cathie Dunn - Cathie Dun Writes

Julie Lindsey - Musings from the Slush Pile

Rob Guthrie - Rob on Writing

Rhonda Booker - My Daily Thoughts on Life -

Jennifer Madden - Contemporary, Everyday Splendor -

Amber Meadows - Like a Bump on a Blog

Wodke Hawkinson - Find a Good Book to Read

Vonnie Davis - Vintage Vonnie

Marian Lanouette - Marian Writes

Jo-Ann Carson - Love in Danger

Christine Ashworth - Wicked…with a Side of Saucy

Mary Keith - Keith Publications

Babette James - Love is…perhaps magic!

Carlyle Labuschagne - Carlyle on the Broken Series 

Rue Allyn - Author Rue Allyn


  1. Was glad to help out, Mimi! I hope it was a success for each of you! :)

  2. Lovely Mimi, and may I say what a treat it is to support each other! You certainly pulled it off!
    Aloha and friendship,

  3. I'm the one who benefited. I got a lot of free ebooks...legally! And from some fabulous authors like Stephanie Bond and Mimi Barbour. :-)

  4. You're very welcome! Now you deserve a long rest!

  5. You're very welcome. And it just so happened I was on a bloghop that day too, so my traffic was really up. Hope it worked well for you.

  6. You're very welcome, Mimi. Always a pleasure to support a fellow writer. :-)

  7. Mimi, it was a pleasure and so much fun sharing some great books. I downloaded every single one of them myself. Don't know how long it will take to read, but I will.

  8. You are so very welcome, Mimi. I feel the same way about the romance writing community. Everyone is so incredibly welcoming and helpful. And my kindle was smoking by the end of the day from all those fabulous downloads, so thank you for the tip.

  9. No problem, Mimi. It was my pleasure! Here's to future success. Cheers!