Thursday, February 23, 2012

Step #4 of author Mimi Barbour's thirteen promotional steps


4. Facebook – Does it work? Are there authors who don’t have a Facebook fan page? Not sure that I get a lot of sales through this forum, but I must tell you, it is a great way to keep in touch with others. Just wish I had more time to spend there.
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My truth about Facebook

What can I say that hasn't already been said about this phenomenon?  It is what it is!  A way to find old friends, a way to stay in touch with new ones and a way to track what your kids are up to….!?? (wink!) As for an author who has several things to do every minute of the day trying to produce the next bestseller, spending time playing on facebook seems just… well… naughty.

I'd love to go there and like and comment on other's posts, get caught up in what is happening in my friend's lives, but whenever I do so, I know I should be writing and the guilt builds. So many other things seem to take priority. But maybe I'm the idiot who's passing up the best way to let readers know about my great stories.....what do I know? I must also mention that there are two pages attached to Facebook. The Fan page and the regular page. All the action seems to be happening on the regular one, but of course that's where the bulk of people have friended me since the beginning.

Every once in a while, I do post information. But it's almost always about the job…about a new blog, or a colleague's book, or my own. Then I feel like a jerk because I'm using this media solely for promo stuff and not to be linking up with friends and touching them.

I asked my husband (who has never used facebook) about his views.  He had two things to say. 

1. People don't want to be left out.  – How accurate is that? Personally, I know many friends who can't stand to miss anything that might have been written while they were away from the computer. It's a bit sad in a way. Even worse, they worry that they don't have as many friends or post as many photos or have as much to say as others.

2. He then added that he thought it was an "I" thing. That rang true for me…and maybe it's why I don't tend to get on there as much as I could. Because whenever I do, it's all about me - my books and my career. If I can't interact properly with family and friends, pay attention to their lives, then I feel sort of bad about slapping my advertising in front of them all the time…so I don't.

Now, having blathered on about my feelings, I must also add a truth here that should embarrass me to admit. I've never really understood Facebook and how it truly works. I know there are stats a person can follow up on, ways to advertise, groups we can follow, and a whole lot more, but I've never had the time or energy to try and learn how this all works. In fact, I'd sincerely welcome anyone who reads this blog to contact me at and offer to write a post about Facebook for me to put here on Believe! In this way I could follow up on my lack of knowledge and so could my followers.

(Chapter Thirteen)

     Ten minutes after Annie arrived at her apartment exhausted, weepy, and cranky, Tyler knocked his unique rap. She rose slowly from her prone position on the sofa, went to open the door, and leaned on it.
     Just looking at him banished her blues. He started talking before she could say a word. “Hi! Long time no see! I got your call, but you’d left already when I tried to return it. Baby doll, you look like someone who’s been working way too hard.”
     Flutters of apprehensive dissolved, and she smiled thankfully. Her old buddy stood there. “It has gone way past working hard. We’re moving into unmitigated insanity around the office. I’ve wanted to stop by and visit, but every night as I get home, all I can think of is my bed.”
     “Too tired to date your Latin lover?”
     “Latin lover? Oh, you mean Sergio. I haven’t seen him since the first time we went out, and I won’t be seeing him again. Appears he has the knack of picking out naïve idiots and misusing them. I thought he was special. Funny, my memories of our date are blurred, sorta mixed up, but they make me feel so... Oh, I don’t know!” She shuddered, a movement both visible and telling. “Goes to show you, my judgment of men is flawed—or should we say nonexistent.” She sighed long and deep, then scrunched her face as she grinned at him. “Oh, well, at least I have you.”
     “Be still my heart!” He clutched his chest and laughed. An uproarious laugh that seemed disproportionate to the humor of her comment. But then, what the hell did she know about the strange labyrinth of a man’s mind?
     She waited for him to stop chortling, and then she asked, “Did you need me for anything beside entertaining you? ’Cause if not, I’m for a hot bath and my bed.”
     “I’m sorry you’re so tired, sweetheart, but you do have to eat, and I have Lea waiting in my apartment downstairs. I’ve promised her a pizza at Dominic’s. She said she’s been trying to reach you. Seems she’s ready to open up about what’s been going on in her life. We can’t let this opportunity pass.”
     “Lea? She phoned earlier when I was in an important meeting. Which reminds me, I’ve got to tell you about what’s been happened lately. Another corporation’s been buying up Montaro’s shares. Everyone says it’s a takeover. We haven’t seen the new CEO who owns the big conglomerate, but he’s due to arrive any day now. The office is in a huge turmoil. Everyone’s panicking about their jobs and their future with the company.”
     “You’ll be okay, Annie. Things have a way of turning out. This new company will be keeping on the key people for a while at least, won’t they?”
     The name Annie sounded foreign after being called only Anna for so long. She liked it. “I guess so. I’m more worried about Hugo, my boss. His wife showed up after being missing for four years, and she stuck around for a week or so and then took off again. He’s been frantic, trying to find her. He looks like hell. And now he has this mess at the office to contend with. The poor man is a basket case.”
     “Speaking of cases, we’d better go and visit with Lea. Maybe we can find an hour to talk later, and you can tell me all about the craziness in your life then.”
     “Tyler, I can barely see, I’m so exhausted. I wasn’t planning to eat a big meal. Eggs and toast, a bath, and eight full hours of sleep are what I need.” She watched his face close down, affability instantly erased. The disappointment—and, yes, disapproval—was clear. He turned away.
     Conflicting thoughts bombarded her.
     I need sleep; tomorrow threatens to be a bitch of a day.
     It’s Tyler and Lea. I want to go with them. Besides, I need to see Lea and make sure she’s okay. And my heart needs to be with Tyler.
     Don’t be an idiot…
     Annie stopped listening to the screeching of her conscience. Anxiety for the troubled teen replaced lethargy. She couldn’t change it anymore than she could change the happy glow of anticipation that came with the thought of spending an evening with her best buddy once again.
     “Okay, Ty. Give me five minutes to have a quick shower and throw on some jeans, and I’ll join you.” She knew her voice conveyed the enthusiasm she couldn’t hide.
     He stopped and took a few seconds before turning back to face her, but when he did the friendliness had reappeared. “Take ten. Trust me, Little Bit, any amount of time I have to wait for you is time well spent.” His wink made her laugh, and his petting fingers on her cheek made her heart quicken like an idling motor getting more gas.



  1. Mimi
    Great post. I find Facebook scary, but I'm sure I'll learn to be comfortable there. "Cheeky Angel" is a great read. I'm enjoying it thoroughly.

  2. Hi Loveindanger,
    I feel strange calling you that but I had to tell you how much I appreciated your comment. I love knowing someone is rading my books...
    makes those hours being tied to my computer seem worth while.
    A big hug...

  3. I would like to know more about Facebook, too. Especially the use (and attraction) of fan pages.