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Author of The Good Daughter - She's great!


Hi, Diana!
I'm so happy to have you visitng my blog, the sanctuary of a woman who not only hears voices, but so does her characters. Of course it's because they have other spirits invading their bodies but then it's still rather strange...right?
And thank you for offering a free copy of your books to some lucky commenter. It makes it more fun for the readers to leave you a note - maybe telling you about their own experience with voices??
p.s. Don't get me started about driving? I need to concentrate instead of arriving and wondering how the hell I got there?
Hugs Mimi

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My name is Diana Layne. And I hear voices in my head.

There. I said it. I realize a person in the mental health field might be a little worried reading that. But honestly, it took me a long time to figure out that not everyone hears voices in their head. No, I mean really. A long time. As in recently. And I’m almost—

Yeah, well, let’s forget how old I am.

I was brought to this startling realization of what I’ll call silent-head syndrome when I had a conversation with a writer friend who confessed her daughter didn’t have people living in her head. That statement pulled me right out of any writerly mental playground. What?? Not everyone has imaginary playmates? I struggled to grasp such a foreign concept.

The friends in my head have been with me since I was a tot.

Perhaps it’s because I was an only child and an only grandchild and created imaginary friends to combat loneliness. No people living in computers back in my day. Although as a side note, I love my computer, I call it ‘my precious’, but I have to be careful so the friends in my head don’t get jealous. (They go away and sulk when they get jealous—bad scary times then. Yes, I know who’s in charge.)

But no, there were no computers back in the…er, yeah, forgot, we’re not mentioning how many years ago that was. Just know it was BC. Before Computers.

The jealousy thing is only one drawback of having friends in your head and living in a make-believe world. 

Yep, believe it or not, as wonderful as it is to never get lonely, to have friends to escape to when reality gets stressful, there are other drawbacks and dangers. And no, I’m not talking about the danger of being carted off in a straightjacket although I suppose that is always a possibility.

Voices in your head can be rather distracting when you have to do some real life stuff. I know. Real life. How annoying.

Things like cooking. I hate cooking.

Which is why I bring my friends out to play when I have to cook.

Ok, so the food ends up a little burned.  But you know, by now, my family has lived with burned food so long, they think if it isn’t burned, it’s not done. I know, I know, hard to believe. But trust me on this.

Another hazard in cooking is using a knife-- 

Nah, forget it, that story’s too gory, I won’t go into that. But I did once misplace a bag of frozen broccoli—and not in the freezer. House smelled for days; I tore it up looking for the source, bought enough scented candles it should’ve made the place smell like a bawdy house, until at last I tracked down from whence the stench flourished. Where, you ask?  In a cabinet up over the stove. That’s where the company-comes-calling dishes are stored. I have no idea or memory of storing it there. It must have been a brilliant brainchild of one of my ‘friends.’

Should I move on to driving?

First, if you live in the world of make-believe and have teen drivers… Beware! You could be off playing and your driving-age kid, who is now old enough to recognize only your body is there, knows it’s the perfect time to ask to borrow the car.

Later, you might join the real world only to wonder where your kid…and your car…are, and the kid is wisely not answering the cell phone. (No, I don’t speak from experience, why would you ask?)

As for me personally driving…well, I’ve run stoplights and found myself speeding, of course, and thank goodness I realized it before the cops did. But then there are times it gets a little scary when I look around and realize I have no idea where I am.  I have no sense of direction and getting lost can be a jolting experience. Oh, but we have GPS now, right! Let me tell you, I’ve managed to get my GPS lost. No, not lose my GPS, but get that poor lady in the box so lost and confused she sounds like an out-of-control talking doll. “Continue one block. In two feet turn left, in one foot, turn right.” Left. Right. Straight. Poof, blown fuse! Useless GPS. Sigh.

Maybe I should have a sign on the side of my mini-van. Warning: Writer Driving!

To prove it’s not just me, I asked a couple of writer friends what can happen when they are busy in their make-believe world.

Jerrie Alexander ( ) has learned, “It's a mistake to get so wrapped up [with imaginary friends] I don't pay attention when the dog growls.”

Jealous dog, I think, worse than needy kids. “Does he need to go out or is he fighting with the cat?” I ask.

“Growls when he wants to go out. Kicks it to ear-deafening barks if you don't listen. For 7 pounds, he's got a set of lungs.”

Note to self: Get a doggie door if I acquire a small dog…or better…don’t acquire small dog.

Another land of make-believe resident, Danielle Kazemi  ( ), confesses to burned dinners as well. (I contend charcoal is good for your kids!)

But the most memorable thing she has done while being distracted with her playmates:  “The best has to be I flooded the bathroom once. The scene just could not wait.” She chuckles.

“Flooding the bathroom! “ I gasp. That pretty much beats stinky broccoli. “How did that happen?”

Giving another small laugh she admits, “I turned on the water to take a bath then I remembered I needed something before I got in. So I left to go get it. The computer was on and somehow I ended up sitting down and writing a scene. By the time I remembered, the tub had overflowed. Spent a while cleaning that.”

Proof indeed, the siren call of imaginary friends.

So there you have it, living in the world of make-believe. Wouldn’t trade it for the real world for anything. Even if, like Danielle, it means I need a king-size mop…

Diana Layne’s land of make-believe is non-discriminatory and she plays equally well with pirates, mobsters, soccer players and FBI agents. You can read about her—er, their latest adventures at


  1. Hi, Mimi, so nice to be here today, thanks for having me!

  2. Yep. Burned a meal or two. *raises hand with guilty look* :D My husband took my notepad out of truck and said I should concentrate when driving his child around. Uh...not when I'm by myself? LOL. And I've started the shower and gotten distracted by the glow of my laptop. Had to wait awhile before the water warmed up again. Not to mention the water bill... ;)

  3. A fun post to read! Thanks. I can relate somewhat as I too like to retreat within the world inside my head and all the wonderful characters living there. I go within whenever possible, when doing anything that doesn't require much thought to conduct. One time while driving, I was so involved with constructing a scene in my head that when I pulled into the driveway I was shocked to be there! I was like, "How did I get here already? Did I stop at the stop lights? Did I cut anyone off?" I thought it fascinating that I could operate on automatic pilot but I don't think it's a good habit to get into. I no longer allow myself to think too deeply about anything while I'm driving! Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your life! Wishing you continued success with your voices and your books!

  4. Oh, Chelle, speaking of showers, I've had the most fantastic conversations in the shower only to forget them as soon as the water is off. I've read some writers use those shower crayons, maybe should look into that, but then the 7 people here might wonder why I'm scribbling on the shower walls.

    And ha, love it about your husband taking out the notepad, too funny!

  5. Hilarious! When I'm at the keyboard, I have to disengage 'my brain' to let my fingers take 7 y.o. is very curious how playing Freecell is considered work. ha! Given that she has a huge imagination herself (you should hear some of Barbie's adventures), I think someday she'll understand. Great post!

  6. I'm soooo glad I'm not the only one living with other people in my head (um...without needing medication for it). My daughter is the same way, but my sons just don't get it, LOL.

    Loved this post, Diana, and I'm looking forward to reading your books!

  7. Ok, Barb, I had to look up what Freecell was. So that disengages your brain? lol

    We have LPS adventures around here. Did you see Sofia's video? She wants comments but I can't figure out how to turn off the "you have to get a channel/username to comment" feature. :( She's working on the script for the movie now. Ach, another writer! lol

    thanks for stopping by!

  8. Hi Mimi! Hi Diane! What a fun post. Confession time: My inner voices took over last night right in mid sentence of a conversation with my wife. It was most inconvenient. My new main character had some very important information to give me, and she simply wouldn't wait. What else could I do? I stood up, raised the just-a-second finger, and grabbed a pen and notepad on my way to the dining room.

    "hello? were we just talking?" my wife calls from the other room.
    I couldn't even take a the time to say "Bear with..." I had to finish taking dictation from an imaginary twelve year old girl who thinks she's a super-hero called Nominon.
    Such fun!
    Oops, gotta go, I hear my shower running without me!

  9. Very fun post, Diana. I love the people living in my head, and love bringing them to life on the page.

    And Greg...I did that last night with my husband. Stopped him right in the middle of a sentence so I could take notes from my heroine.
    L. j.

  10. Great post, Diana. Not thirty minutes ago, I took a sip from my cup of tea only to find it cold. How long ago had I brewed it? Who knows. Seemed to me I'd just now set it down next to my mouse. Easy to get lost while listening to the voices in my head!

    Maybe we need to form a support group!

  11. Great post, Diana! I burn pots. In fact, I've got to go to Bed, Bath & Beyond later to replace the one I ruined just yesterday.

  12. I know, Deborah, that's happened to me as well! It's kind of scary. I really do think we need a warning on our vehicles! Thanks for the good wishes!

  13. Lucy: You are not alone!! LOL. I guess it is puzzling to someone with silent-head syndrome, glad your daughter understands at least! Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  14. Greg, you cracked me up! Your poor wife! (maybe get her some flowers?) But those characters can't be ignored or they get really mad. And a twelve year old girl, all those hormones, emotions and yours with a delusion of super-hero grandeur, eek! No ignoring her for sure!

  15. L.j., you and Greg and your long-suffering spouses, lol. I suppose it takes a special person to be married to a writer and try to compete with all those other people, hmmm, something to think on. Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Jerrie! I know! Ruby Sis Darynda Jones solves this problem with a microwave in her office. I think she's onto something...

  17. Alicia, back in the day when they still had powdered dishwasher detergent, I rescued a lot of pots by soaking them in that. However, now, all you can find are those cubey things. Soaking them in a comet paste works pretty well too but not as good as the detergent. Probably easier to buy new, yes. Happy shopping!

  18. *raises hand* Burned meals, blank driving, forgotten kids- not dangerously so. they were in high school and had to walk home with friends-

    Great post Diana. Makes those voices seem almost normal knowing there are others out there. :)

  19. Di, you've put a smile on my face. Love the post! I am so there with you on the discovery of voices. Just suffice it to say it was later in life. As for their control, one spring day, my dog couldn't decide if she wanted to stay inside or outside. We went through this for awhile until I finally decided to leave the door open. What harm could there be? Right? Well, how about three birds flying around the living room? Yep. Birds.

  20. Charcoal is good for the digestion, di, so don't sweat it!

  21. I'm afraid I'd be a terrible cook writer or not. But it's more fun being a writer. Excited to read your books. Pirate's is next in line on my Kindle!

  22. Calisa, forgotten kids, lol. I can see that happening to me, luckily I homeschool!

  23. June! Three birds in the house!! Eek!

  24. Gwyn, already raised one family on charcoal and they're ok--healthy even, lol. Figure it won't hurt the second family.

  25. Sophie, I dream of the day I can live on tv dinners, sandwiches and salads--no more cooking for me! Thanks for your support re: Pirate's Proposal. I hope you enjoy it!

  26. My kids have gotten used to the "you like it burned like that." Once my muse takes over, the house could be hit with a tornado, and I wouldn't even notice.

  27. Hi, Callie, lol, yes re: tornado. I actually wrote through one before, not realizing that it took off the top of a school a block away until later that day. Thanks for stopping by!

  28. Sorry I'm late, Diana. Your post made me LOL. Partly because it was funny and partly because I could SO see myself. My family thinks I'm addicted to the computer (I'm not addicted to the computer, I have stuff that needs to get done!!!) and that I ignore them and my 'free' time should be spent with them or doing something they need me to do. Ha! What free time???

    I have burned food, gotten lost while driving, pissed people off, etc. Until I moved this past weekend I had a long commute back and forth to work and I would become absorbed in my writing world during the drive. Although it was stop and go traffic, it wasn't enough 'stop' for me to actually write. :-) So, I bought one of those little portable digital tape recorders. What a lifesaver that's been! (Perhaps literally )

    It seems everyone on this blog understands the people and stories living in our heads. It's those silent-headed people who need to read this so they'll know we're not rude...or freaks.

    Thanks for the 'thought-provoking' pun intended. :-D

  29. Oh yeah...loved Pirate's Proposal and I can't WAIT to read The Good Daughter. Sounds like exactly my kind of book. I have it sitting there waiting for me...sigh...soon, very soon.

  30. I know, Alicia, I was trying to get 'em over here, had a lot of people tweeting, but maybe they didn't want to admit not hearing voices.

    And really, families can be so unrealistic. They want us to have a life? hahaha

  31. I keep checking these comments and either there's a bunch of loonie-tunes visiting my blog or they're writers! Just had to share this one. So my husband says let's go to the store. I say sure, I'll get my coat...went into the office to shut down the computer..saw a new e-mail...and that's all it took. 30 minutes later he's standing at the door, arms cossed, toes red-face, stammering...! I just hate that darn ole raised eyebrow....he doesn't even have to say anything! SHEESH!

  32. Yep, they're writers. Of course, that probably automatically puts us in the looney tune category, lol. Ah, your husband! There's another long-suffering spouse!!

  33. That's so funny! I haven't done the broccoli thing but there was the case of the missing jalapeno. But the real question is, how do people live with the silence? Doesn't it, like, get really loud?

  34. Yes, Linda, there was a time of upheaval in my life when my characters ran and hid. The silence was deafening.

  35. I get so lost in my thoughts that my husband told me one morning, "Don't dry the iron skillets on the stove any more. I'll dry them for you." ;( and I'll think of something and next thing you know the tub is running over. Ahh, the voices... Great post, Diana