Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Water Baby - A Wonderful Short Novel


Hello everyone,

Thank you, Mimi, for having me on your blog. The Water Baby, a short novel, is set in New Zealand, and is a spicy, contemporary love story between self-exiled Californian, Jasmine Davis, and hunky kiwi, Fraser Brook.

Jasmine left the US, intent on putting the past behind and making a new life for herself with no personal complications. Determined to follow the rule of not mixing business with pleasure, her plan goes awry when she meets Fraser Brook – a man who ignores rules that get in the way of what he wants.

Compromised from their very first meeting, Jasmine finds her life getting more tangled by the minute, and the harder she tries to extricate herself from Fraser’s influence, the more he entangles her. Does she eventually succumb to his charms? Buy The Water Baby for only $2.99 at Amazon to find the answer.

An excerpt:

Jasmine floated on her back, and smiled as tension slowly leached from her limbs. With the sun caressing her skin, and the gentle rocking of the deliciously cool water, she closed her eyes and imagined listing the property for sale. The advertisement would read: Charming storybook cottage, in top location, lovingly restored to its former glory. Fairytale garden for kids, cats and dogs. Make your dream come true. Phone Jasmi-

Splash! Her pulse jumped. What was that? Springing her eyelids open, she caught a streak of movement.

Twisting around, she shrieked as a man reared up inches away. Water sprayed like a geyser. He blinked, and shook his mop of dripping cocoa-brown curls in the manner of a large, energetic puppy. She shrank away, covering her lacy bra with both arms and choking open-mouthed on the wave churned in his wake.

A pair of silver-green eyes regarded her beneath the sodden curls as she coughed, spluttered and gasped. Her face flamed as her legs frantically trod water, and she silently held those eyes – desperate to keep his gaze from wandering south.

“Hey little mermaid.” His deep voice complemented his square jaw and broad shoulders.

She assessed the expression on his face. Not concerned or even irritable. More like amused. Annoyed with the thought of him laughing at her, she snapped, “You gave me a heck of a fright. Where did you come from? Who are you?”

He ignored her questions, merely raising one arched eyebrow and indicating in the direction of her chest. “It’s a bit late for modesty, isn’t it?”

Her face burned afresh. “How long have you been here?” How long have you been watching me?

His eyes narrowed. “Uh-uh, I’ll ask the questions. Who are you and what the hell gives you the right to trespass on my property?”

Jasmine’s heart plummeted to the bottom of the pool as panic surged through her. She stared, gulped and whispered, “You’re Fraser Brook?”

An emotional roller-coaster which had me smiling one minute and in tears the next.”

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Would anyone like to write a review of The Water Baby? If so, please post your email address in the Comments section and I’ll send you a free copy.

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Bio: I’m never quite sure what readers wish to know about authors – feel free to ask me questions! I live in New Zealand with my husband, and our sons both live in Seattle, USA. This pic is of me with my 3 week old gorgeous grandson, Dean, when we visited Seattle last August.


  1. Hi Cherie, I read your novel 'Kiwi Kiss' and found it very enjoyable. I would be happy to review your new novel if you wish.

    Your grandson is lovely. I wish him a long life, great health and lots of money.

    My question is, do you do research on places and people when you plot a novel? Or do you just let your imagination free? I personally find it rather difficult to write about people who are a generation apart from me - either older or younger. But that's just me.

  2. Hi Maria,
    Lovely to hear from you, and am very pleased you enjoyed KIWI KISS. And thank you for your kind wishes for Dean!

    I do a lot of research for my historical stories using books, magazines, films and the internet. My contemporary stories are the product of my observations of people and of the knowledge of cities I've lived in. Memories of my youth, and some imagination, help me to write about younger characters. Sometimes I check with my niece, or my younger friends, about what is the current word or term for something.

    Thanks so much for offering to write a review of THE WATER BABY.

  3. That's very interesting. No doubt research is required to write a long work of fiction, especially if one is writing about a milieu other than one's own. Originally, I thought that only historical novels needed that kind of treatment, but it's obviously not so. One of the things that struck me about KIWI KISS was the way a different world just came alive.

  4. I'm so happy you've come to visit Cherie and I've waving my hand madly to write a review. I've read French Kiss and enjoyed it thoroughly and know I'll be in for a treat with The Water Baby.
    xo Mimi

  5. It is wonderful for me to know I re-created the world of 1940's New Zealand so that it felt real to you, Maria. This kind of feedback is what, I'm sure, all writers yearn for. A heartfelt and grateful thanks from me:)

    Ok, Mimi, you're picked! A copy of The Water Baby for review - you did a fabulous one for French Kiss - is on its way.

  6. I LOVED The Water Baby, but then you already knew that didn't you Cherie? :)

    I will definitely enjoy writing a review for it as soon as I can. I'm amazed at your versatility - thats what makes you a unique and clever writer in my mind. The characters come to life without ever feeling 'same-y' and true to the era they're set in.

  7. Great excerpt! Will go on my TBR list! Perfect cover too!

  8. Thank you, LaVerne. Fantastic for me to know my writing is enjoyed.
    Patsy - really pleased you like the cover - and I certainly hope you will get to read the story sometime soon!