Friday, January 27, 2012

A poll for the cover of My Cheeky Angel...Vote now!


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Some authors have challenged that it could be the cover of a book that will directly affect the sales. I decided to try an experiment to see what you readers think of the cover of My Cheeky Angel, and whether or not the poll results will support what my sales have been.

When I first looked at the cover, I felt so pleased. It depicted the story perfectly, and I knew once the reader saw the book, they would have a pretty good idea that the story inside was an upbeat romance. But then my preferences have always been to the light artwork of yesterday rather than the darker edge we see everywhere today. The title would also throw light on the theme and I felt the customers would know, that even though it listed as a paranormal, the tale would be light-hearted and the angel a fun character.

It’s obvious that there’s an upheaval not only the way we can publish books today, which up till lately has always been under the strict dictatorship of the large publishing houses, but it has affected title and cover options also. Now that some authors have a lot more, if not all the control, we get to see what they want to write, and how they visualize their themes by their preferred cover selections.

Not long ago I entered the book in a cover contest and out of the over 200 voters, Cheeky Angel received only one vote. Didn't seem like a very positive outcome at all, so I've decided to ask for your input.

Poll is at the top of the page.

If you want to make any comments on why you chose to vote a certain way, please do. I'm extremely interested in any ideas you might have - or any suggestions!!!

Thanks so much for your help.




  1. I like the cover. I like the way she's looking down on the city, and the brightness. I like all your covers on the sidebar, too. I can't imagine why it would only receive 1 vote. Perhaps she's a little disengaged with that downcast look? But it does give the vibe that you said you wanted. Did you make it yourself?

  2. I love the cover. I've noticed that so many of the covers out there are very dark and cluttered feeling - which I personally don't like at all. Thumbs up from me.

  3. Thanks Carly and RJMama. Appreciate you stopping by. I didn't make it myself, a top designer in the industry created it. Won't name names just in case it gets more dislikes. But would be happy to let anyone know if they e-mail me personally at.
    ( mimibarbour@hotmaildotcom )

  4. What a great idea, Mimi!

    I love the cover, but I don't know if it necessarily tells me it's me it's going to be upbeat. My first reaction to the title, I was expecting to see a guy as the angel--I was thinking cheeky as in a hunky butt. LOL Sorry if this sounds off the wall, but I must admit I haven't read your work so I'm just giving my first response. All that said, I suspect if I read the description it would tell me immediately. I know I took the long way around, but I love the cover. :-)

  5. Great cover! I love how she looks like she's watching over the city.

  6. Hi Carolyn,
    While I'm typing, I'm smiling. I loved your comment and will keep in mind about the hunky butt!!

  7. Hi Aubrie,
    Her looking over Manhattan was one of the things I loved about the cover also. Probably becuase I loved visiting the city, but more because it actually fits into the story so well.

  8. Being totally honest here...I looked at the cover first for immediate reaction. I'm not familiar with you as an author or what genre you write, so coming at this totally cold. After reading your take on what the cover represents, I voted 'no' even though I don't dislike it.

    My reason? Knowing nothing about the story, I don't get upbeat romance at all. I get lighthearted and fun from the title font and angel wings. My initial reaction was that it was probably a humorous inspirational type book.

    Obviously from the results, I'm in the minority. :)

  9. I do not want to say I dislike the cover, but I did vote no. It is not one I would immediately pick up. I do not understand the angel at the top and the city below and would rather see the pictures blended or perhaps a little humor. Cheeky says to me stubborn, but humorous. I would pick up the book by the title - it says to me there is some fun and humor in the story and from what I have read about it My Cheeky Angel sounds like a really good read. Fortunately while a first impression on my part may be made by a cover, ultimately a synopsis is more important and will be the thing more likely to cause me to buy the title :)

  10. You are very brave indeed asking for people for feedback on your chosen design. It's such a personal thing. I am a professional Graphic Designer who has run my own studio for over 10 years. I never like 'leaving feedback' on what I think because lets face it, I'm only giving you my own singular preference based on my taste. BUT I do think some positive and constructive feedback could really do wonders.
    I'm confused as to what to expect in the book. Is it Mills & Boon, or a more contemporary love story. The word Cheeky I see appropriate for something a bit saucy for adults or a term I'd use for a child. I think this might confuse people. I personally think the typeface is too young. If it's a loving romance, it need a typeface to suit. It might also be an idea to incorporate another element which gives you a bit more to the story. Even a short phrase about the book (like a Bi-Line). eg Falling in love with an angel is like ...
    I do love the colouring.
    Overall, the communication is a bit confusing. It;s important to chose a path, a style, a flavour and add to it. Confusing design will put people off. Also there's nothing wrong with looking at design of the covers of big authors and analysing what they are doing. They are the master of the cover. Good luck

  11. I like the cover, but not the type font.

    Good luck

  12. Hi Carol,
    Thanks so much for commenting. It seems that no one dislikes the book cover as much as not being sure what story it represents. I appreciate your honesty.

  13. Hi Denise,
    I really appreciated your take on the cover and I thank you for commenting. I never realized before how important the font is and you certainly made me realize that it's part of what a reader would look at. I agree with you on the synopsis, but I guess we can't argue that usually it's the cover a person first sees and it'll determine whether or not they'll even bother to read furthur.

  14. Hello Anonymous,
    Your comment really resonated with me probably because you're a professional designer, and I respect your knowledge from that side of the issue.
    This story is more along the lines of a paranormal romance because of the angel's influence, not Mills and Boon - but a self-pubbed book. I liked your suggestion of writing a sentence on the cover to depict the storyline and help a reader to futher understand what the book is about and will probably do that on my next cover. And I will spend time to see what the professionals are choosing to do before I settle again. Thank you so much!!

  15. from twitter when I retweeted this @OldeYellerCat Henry Leland
    Book author:1st check, Cover color: # 2, inside front flap description: # 3, first paragraph of the story #.4. Works quite well

  16. I like the cover. it's ideal. I'd take a second look and read blurb

  17. Hi again Mimi: This is one of many beautiful book covers using fabulous typography. Has such strong emotion.
    Browse through MyFonts: to see the huge selection available to you. You can even type in your title and sample what each font looks like in each font.
    Good luck with your book