Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Wild Rose Press - My favorite place to buy romance!

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I've just gotten a wonderful 5 star review from TBR - Goodreads
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Another great review from Sizzling Hot Reviews

Night Owl Choice

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     Today I wanted to blog about the publisher who gave me my first chance to see my name on a book cover.  The Wild Rose Press - (where Romance blooms) is a wonderful romance site of both e-published and paperback romances. They call their website the garden and you’ll see why if you take some time to wander around. They have hundreds of authors writing for many different genres.  

     Personally, I can vouch for the wonderful treatment I received when I first started sending my manuscripts to them for The Vicarage Bench Series. My editor was a sweetheart who led me through the processes and taught me so much along the journey.  Therefore if you are an author looking for a safe place to send your work, or a reader who loves romance and wants the assurance that the books you buy are well edited and professionally produced, then this is the publisher for you.

In fact, I believe in these wonderful book so much that I've offered a $100 Wild Rose gift certificate in the Night Owl contest ( see the link above) as my personal prize offering.

     The Wild Rose Press has everything you could possibly want - Free Reads, YA, Contemporary, Historical, Suspense, Paranormal, Erotic Romance, Holiday Titles, Time Travel, Multicultural, Books in Series, Novellas, and Short Stories - so please come and check out our garden.

In May, 2006 - The Wild Rose Press opened its doors and the website, soon to be called "the garden", went live. With the power of the internet, within days romance writers literally all over the world were beginning to talk about another new publisher that opened its doors. Along with the talk of another new publisher, was the inevitable talk of how long they would last. Still, some authors were willing to take a chance on us and sent in their manuscript. They were pleasantly surprised to find that this publisher was different. The Wild Rose Press had a mission to make publishing a more open and friendly business. TWRP believed that a truly successful book was born of the teamwork among author, editor and publisher. Soon, the term "growing" writers was being associated with this different type of publisher.

Five years later, with over 1200 titles and a stable of solid quality authors, TWRP holds firm to its mission of growing writers and being a "kinder gentler publisher". Rejection letters, although a necessary part of any author's world are warm and encouraging. The purpose of our rejection letters aren't to discourage a budding writer but rather to help them find the clues to unlocking the mystery that takes a manuscript from rejection to publication.

The Wild Rose Press short stories and full length novels can be downloaded to your computer, or any other portable reading device. Visit our FAQ section to find the best format for your reader. Our full length books are also available in print format and can be purchased from our website.

 Whether you write short stories or full length novels; whether you write sweet and sassy or hot and spicy - there's a place for you here in the garden. Why don't you stay and visit for a while. Bask in the warmth of our words while you wander around our website and see where you best fit. When you feel you're ready to submit, review our guidelines and send your work in. Then sit back, take a deep breath and remember it’s not the destination but the journey and writing is the most magical journey of all.

Keep blooming and growing and thank you for stopping by our garden.

Owners - Rhonda and RJ

Anyone who leaves a comment along with their e-mail adress can be chosen to win a free copy of Together for Christmas

Hugs Mimi

There's a wonderful contest on at http://shannonmayer.blogspot.com where you have a choice of book covers ( My cheeky Angel included) and the first prize is $150 for a gift certificate for Amazon if you choose a cover and leave a comment. There's other ways to earn points to have a better chance to win so read Shannon's blurb and good luck!


  1. Hi Mimi,
    I fully endorse what you have written about TWRP. They really are the best. Nan Swanson was an absolute joy to work with, so friendly and talented, nothing was ever too much trouble for her. She polished all of my novels until they shone. RJ and Rhonda, the owners of TWRP, are very approachable and always available.



  2. You're right about TWRP. Their editors are wonderful and their covers are to die for, not to mention their treatment of authors.

  3. Great blog post, Mimi. I, too, have had nothing but the best experience working with them.

    Question about Kindles and Nooks...Can people buy directly from TWRP on those too? Or just from BN and Amazon?

    Yup, I'm in the twenty-first century..can't you tell??? lol

  4. I'm a Black Rose author, writing paranormal romance, and Callie Lynne Wolfe is a goddess of an editor. I tell fans I'm proud to be a TWRP author. Rhonda, RJ, Lisa Dawn and the cover artist for my books, Angela Anderson are wonderful professionals to work with. Romance for everyone from a growing list of talented authors! Thanks for blogging about TWRP ~ M. Flagg

  5. Congrats on your lovely reviews, Mimi, and being in the contest. This is a super tribute to a stellar company. I am a big fan of the Wild Rose Press and have been with the company since 2008.

  6. What a great story. I felt the warmth while watching your trailer. Here's too a great New Year for The Wild Rose Press and all its authors.

  7. Mimi, what a great post! As a new, about to be published author, I've been really pleased with the professionalism of The Wild Rose Press.

  8. Without TWRP I couldn't call myself a published author! I am so glad a fellow member of my RWA chapter notified us on our Yahoo loop about "a new publisher" all those years ago, and glad that I acted on that information. A THANK YOU to that COFW member and to Rhonda and RJ and the others for starting TWRP. Sandy Wickersham-McWhorter

  9. I proudly display on my blog that I write for The Wild Rose Press--and I'm proud of it. Some authors use them to build credentials before moving on to larger pubs. I like it in the Garden too much to leave. I doubt the larger publishers will treat you as well as you'll be treated at TWRP--and that means a lot. I like being appreciated and respected, and I get that at The Wild Rose Press.

  10. Mimi,

    I couldn't agree more with this post. A friend recommended TWRP to me when I decided to get 'serious' about my writing. It was the best advice I've ever gotten.

    Everyone at the Garden is professional, experienced, and supportive: I've had fabulous editors and cover artists. E-mails are answered very quickly from everyone from RJ or Rhonda to marketing to editors.

    I am so proud to be a Wild Rose author, and can't ever say enough about this fabulous publisher. I've discovered so many new talented authors (and friends) with connections made through TWRP.



  11. I have also enjoyed being published by The Wild Rose Press. They were encouraging every step of the way and I'm glad other authors had a great experience, like yourself.

  12. I, too, have had nothing but a positive experience writing for The Wild Rose Press. I submitted my first short story to them, which was published in 2008, and I've gone on to publish two novels and three novellas with another novel and novella coming out in 2012. I've worked with three different editors and have nothing but praise for the work they've done to make my stories shine. I'm finishing up a time travel novella that I plan to submit to Allison Byers, who works with me on my American historical stories.

    I've also read many TWRP stories and found them to be excellent reads, some superior to a lot of the stuff put out by the big publishers.

    Voted for you too, Mimi. Best of luck in the contest!

  13. Great post of out fabu publisher, Mimi! And every bit true! I'm excited and proud to be one of the roses at TWRP. You didn't mention how supportive and friendly all the authors are, but they are. I love all my sister roses.

  14. The Wild Rose Press makes the dreams of authors and readers come true! Thanks for taking the time to tout this small, but powerful, publishing company. Rolynn

  15. Thank you all so much for being so open about your personal experiences with TWRP. I believe this was a successful promo blog as we had 232 page views.
    Also, I want to congratulate Debra St. John as the winner of the free copy of Together for Christmas.
    xo Mimi

  16. I'm sorry I couldn't comment earlier Mimi! Was on holiday and in 'inferior' computer wouldn't allow me to open your blog!

    Fabulous blog on TWRP. They really are everything the others have said about them. I wouldn't be anywhere else either. They've made my publishing journey such a joy. I even LOVE the editing stage! They make it painless. Both the editors I've worked with so far are superstars. Yay Johanna and Frances!! : )