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#2 of my promotional steps by Mimi Barbour

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I've just gotten a wonderful 5 star review from TBR - Goodreads
and would be proud for you to read it.

Another great review from Sizzling Hot Reviews

Night Owl Choice

Step #2 - of my thirteen promotional steps.

Website – This was my first endeavor into trying to promote myself and my books, and since I want to be truthful, when I'd started in the business, I was basically a coward when it came to technological challenges, I hired a wonderful web mistress (Rae Monet) who not only set up my website, but has looked after that area of my work right from the beginning.

A website is a personal and important kind of a home base where an author can begin to show the world just who she is. Because I was technically challenged on the computer, kinda lazy and scared stupid, I paid a professional to build me a website. I found it to be a wonderful place where I could send friends, readers and industry contacts to find out about my work and about me personally. All of my books can be found there with buy buttons, and there are free reads, contact information and even an ongoing contest. It's a lovely website and it makes me very proud. Therefore, I've never regretted this decision and for the first few years it served me well.

One of the positives about this choice was that my webmistress did all the work. I'd send her the updates periodically, and they'd magically appear. For someone like me who wanted to get my books written without having to use energy for anything else, this seemed like a wise decision, and it was at the time. 

But as we all know, the need to promote became paramount for my career, and I began to learn much more about how things worked. I'd found I could get around on the computer and the Internet a lot better. Let's face it, this type of work forces us to take steps we never thought we would or could, and pretty soon I felt I needed to have more of a hands-on place to give me more personal contact with the public. A place that I controlled….a blog!

More about that in Step #12

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