Thursday, November 24, 2011

A reason to give thanks!

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Today is a special day for me. Over the last while, I have been kept away from writing – the thing I love to do best – because two of my books recently released needed some promotion. Let's face it, how can anyone buy them, if no one knows they exist. But as time went on, all that mind-boggling work had exhausted my mental capabilities, and I'd decided to treat myself to a month of writing. And so I entered the NaNoWriMo. Happily working away on the newest story for the Vicarage Bench Series, I was informed that my promoting skills were needed elsewhere.

Now I don't want you think I'm whingeing, even though it's exactly what I'm doing, but publicity work can drive a challenged computer nerd like me around the bend. It's time consuming and mind blowing and takes over way too much of my precious writing hours.

The only positive thing about all that twittering and blogging is meeting wonderful people. The social media is chocker-block full of the nicest people in the world. And I mean that literally!

Now yesterday, that particular pleasure became very apparent to me when out of the blue I was approached by an absolute sweetie, Laurie Carlson, who wanted to help my book  "My Cheeky Angel" get to first place in a contest. This self-pubbed endeavour had been chosen as one of five best paranormal books of the month at iBookBuzz. Knowing how much it would tickle me to win the contest, and due to the fact that my blood ripples when I'm faced with a challenged, I have worked hard to get every one of my votes. Unfortunately, those endeavours only got me to third place.

But you know what? Even if I never get another vote, I've already won. Because a total stranger came to me, holding out a hand of friendship and made me feel like I mattered and so did my lovely little book. How lucky am I?

And how thankful!

I pray that all who read this post have the same great luck that's befallen me—I hope for you many wonderful friends and an overload of warm and fuzzy feelings.

Have a fantastically happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. I want an agent for Christmas. Barring that, gift cards to Barnes & Noble and/or tickets to Wicked and/or Les Miserables here in Jacksonville for 2012.