Monday, September 1, 2014

Results of my latest #Rafflecopter - the pluses and cons to using these types of #giveaways.



I’ve just run a rafflecopter! My first. And I must say, it was quite simple.

I had decided ahead of time that my purse could stretch to providing a $25 Amazon gift certificate and at least one free book - I chose my most expensive - The Vegas Series. (If you decide to try this, your prize should be whatever you feel you can afford. Don't go too crazy - unless you get a group together.)

Not too sure how effective it was since all I added was 19 followers for my newsletter but I blame that totally on myself. And here’s why…
I really had no idea what I was doing. I knew when I’d been in a book tour a while back, the rafflecopter had been hugely successful. We had over a thousand entries. I believe to enter that one, all a person had to do was send a tweet. Since it was for the Bride’s collection, (see on right) it was helpful at the time.
But personally, I really want to grow my newsletter list. Therefore, this time, I asked everyone who entered to do two tasks - sign up for my newsletter and - tweet about one of my books.

Mimi's Ongoing Rafflecopter:

Again, it I believe I made a number of mistakes:
1. I should have asked the people entering for one thing only - to sign up on my newsletter. As you can see, out of 122 entries only 19 chose that as opposed to tweeting. Either that or give a significant number of entries for signing up versus tweeting. Maybe 10 to 1.
2. Plus, I was very remiss in adding the rafflecopter to every one of my blogs. Just got too busy and wasn’t focussing……sigh!!
3. And this would have been the perfect time for me to be a guest on as many blogs as I could, of course using the rafflecopter in my guests posts.
4. And finally, I hardly pushed the rafflecopter at all on social media. After all the years of working at it, I have quite a reach now. It was a huge waste of opportunities to get more activity – not only for the contest but new readers to my blog…..arggrrr!!!
For any of you who want to set something like this up when you’re having a book being released, need tweets for a promotion or just want new signatures like myself, here’s where you go to:
Please read the instructions through carefully so you understand your options!!